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Lenore Von Schram was in the episode "Starstruck". She plans to kill Sinestro and Sinestro's daughter not knowing that they are actors, and marry Tad Bailey, again not knowing that he is really an actor. She believed that the soap opera "Days of Our Spies" is real. The girls, being big fans of the show themselves, stopped her. Unlike most of the villains of series, she is not after revenge and/or conquest. She's just severely delusional and unable to tell fantasy from reality.

She appears to be responsible of kidnapping Tad Bailey not knowing that he's an actor. The girls are sent to investigate as Clover disguises as Sinestro's daughter. When the girls found out about her motives she is unable to tell fantasy from reality and she removes her casual clothing revealing to wear a dark blue catsuit similar to the girls and shoots them with her gadgets. She appears to be a powerful combatant against the girls but she managed to capture them. She leaves the girls along with the actor portrayed as Tad to destroy Sinestro and his daughter not knowing that they are also actors like Tad. Thereafter, the girls manage to escape along with the actor portray as Tad.

When Lenore tries to kill them with her gadgets, The girls finally intervenes and attacks her. Lenore shoots a laser blaster towards the girls but destroying the movie sets. When the actor as Tad wants to fix his hair using hair blower but Alex tells him not to use it, as he uses it causing the girls and Lenore to get engulfed into a tornado and most of the movie sets are destroyed. Lenore ends up being defeated as the actor play as Tad becomes bald. Lenore was then arrested but the producer writes Clover out of the show and immediately fires her.

She makes a cameo in "Escape From WOOHP Island" and "Evil Jerry".


  • Lenore's fighting style in terms of using gadgets is similar to Geraldine Husk.


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