Matchmaker is episode 22 of Season 2.



Computerized dating booths appear out of nowhere and all the girls in Beverly Hills, including Sam, Alex, and Mandy, are addicted to them. They are introduced to their ideal boyfriend in the process. But Clover suspects something's wrong and decides to get to the bottom of it, even though Jerry insists otherwise. The villain wants revenge after being rejected on Valentine's Day by his girlfriend.

In the B-story, after Clover dumps her last boyfriend, Chris, after he bought tickets to a monster truck rally, she decides to go on a dating hiatus.



  • Clover keeps a supply of backup Gadgets.
  • Sam eats creamed Calamari/Kalamari.
  • Clover has a handbag closet, something Alex and Sam did not know.
  • Sam and Alex do not wear their catsuits in this episode.
  • This is one of the few episodes Sam, Clover, and Alex do not get WOOHPed.
  • It is never explained why Eugene used his revenge scheme at Beverly Hills High. It is possible that the girl who broke up with him on the previous Valentine's Day was a student at Beverly Hills High.
  • It is revealed that there is a private school in Beverly Hills called the Institute for Gifted Teens, where Eugene is a student.
  • Clover calls Mrs. Snit "Yes, sir...?" before fleeing the jewelry store. She mistook her as "Sir" rather than "Ma'am".