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The ACT compound's main building


ACT (Anti Consumerism Teams) is an organization which appeared in "Malled". It was created by businessman Simon Tucker after his family owned business was driven to bankruptcy by the Harrows corporation (Harrods).

The organization kidnapped various people through his All The Rage malls which were all over the world and upon arrival, the people imprisoned in the malls were mind controlled with a device on their foreheads, turning them into anti-shopping fanatics.

The training grounds were revealed to be in Australia, after Jerry Lewis analyzed a ACT boomerang's wood structure. When Alexandra and Clover arrived at the facility, it was shown that ACT had grown to be a powerful ground force.

Samantha, who had been abducted, had been appointed as a drill instructor for the other victims. Later, she acted as a field commander during the attack on the new Beverly Hills Mall.

Despite Tucker's efforts, the group dissolved when Sam ordered them to remove their patches and they turned on Tucker, trapping him so he could be captured by a WOOHP assault team.


  • Exercise area
  • Hangers for the Mil Mi-24 helicopters
  • Mock-up training stores
  • Science lab
  • Trapdoor where the All the Rage stores rise up from the ground