Alex Gets Schooled is episode 5 of Season 4.



Alex is sent to Dorsal Academy in England after getting all F’s in her report card, only to find out that the headmaster plans to turn everyone into dolphin hybrids. After Sam and Clover rescue Alex and turn her back to normal, it’s revealed (because of a mix-up at school) that Alex’s grades were really A’s and B’s, and that the person who got all F’s was actually Mandy.

In the B-story, Jerry moves into the spies’ Beach House while his house is being fumigated, but is proven to be a terrible guest.



  • Grades:
    • Sam gets all A's.
    • Clover gets A's, B's, and a C in metal shop.
    • Alex gets A's and B's.
    • Mandy gets all F's.
  • Sebastian Saga‘s rave music is used.
  • Appearances of the fathers of the main characters.
  • Alexandra is transformed by a villain.
  • The principal in "Spies in Space" makes a negative remark about Clover's scores despite her high grades.
  • Clover's grades have improved since "Queen for a Day", where she got a D in astronomy.
  • Mandy's low grades are mentioned in "Alex Gets Schooled" and "Dental? More Like Mental". However, she manages to graduate in "Evil Graduation".
  • One of the women at Jerry's party is a look-alike for Shirley.
  • Jerry's party trashes the spies's Beach House and he is forced to clean the mess himself.
  • Nobody at Dorsal Academy notices that Clover and Samantha are wearing the wrong color vests.
  • If you noticed carefully about the Dorsal Academy school uniform, Sam and Clover wear the opposite colors of their eyes. Sam has green eyes, but wears a blue uniform. Clover has blue eyes, but wears a green uniform.
  • Alex won a gold medal for the Beverly Hills High swim team 3 years in a row.
  • Jerry refers to the United Kingdom as JOE (Jolly Old England).
  • The WOOHPed tunnel network works in reverse.
  • The spies agree that school uniforms are always uncomfortable to wear.
  • Alex does not wear her catsuit in this episode.
  • This is one of the few episodes in which Sam, Clover, and Alex do not get WOOHPed.
  • Carmen's hair color is changed from reddish brown to black. Her layered short hair is replaced with bob similar to Alex's.
  • G.L.A.D.I.S. can appear inside the spies' Beach House.
  • Beverly Hills High has a metal shop class.


Carmen: Good news, honey. Seems there was a mix-up at school.
Alex’s Father: The F’s didn’t belong to you. You got A’s and B’s.
Carmen: We’re so proud of you.
Alex: Does that mean I can stay in Bev Hills?
Carmen: As long as you promise to come visit us more often.
Sam and Clover: Yeah!
Alex: I can stay! I can stay! (Sam and Clover hug her)

Alex: (just realizing the mix-up) Wait. If those grades weren’t mine, who’s the poor sap who got all F’s?
Mandy: (shrieks) F’s? But how is that possible?!
Phoebe: You are grounded for the rest of the year, young lady. And that means no dates.
Mandy: (shrieks) You can’t be serious! The boys of Bev Hills will be lost without me!


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