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Alice, Pam, Crimson are 3 former WOOHP agents from the spy team before Samantha, Clover, and Alexandra. Their only appearance was in the Season 1 episode "Spies vs. Spies".


Seven years prior, they were presumed to be dead when they were captured by a villain and WOOHP was unable to find them. Instead they were under the mind-control of Edison, the villain they were trying to catch, an eco-terrorist who wanted to sell solar power on auction.

The trio appears to save Samantha, Clover, and Alexandra from a robot spider grenade when they become trapped in their submarine while investigating the pipeline that Jerry Lewis sent them to investigate. The girls meet Alice, Pam, and Crimson. Back at WOOHP headquarters Jerry finally reunites his previous spy team much to the girls' jealousy. Sam asks what happened to Edison and Crimson replies that he might be anywhere. Suspicious, Sam then asks them how they got to the pipeline. When the alarm sounds, Jerry reveals that the culprit's next target is the hydro electrical plant. Jerry tells the girls to go on the missions with Pam's team much to their disdain. Pam tells them to check the hydro electrical plant on the lower level as they split up.The girls investigate the lower grounds until they find another robot spider identical to the spider from earlier. When the girls return to WOOHP they are forced to retire by Jerry who decides to go with Pam, Alice, and Crimson's team instead of them.

Even more suspicious of Jerry's old spies, the girls investigate on their own and end up discovering the enemies' underground base. The girls discover that Alice, Pam, and Crimson are working with Edison. The girls are angered to learn that Pam, Alice, and Crimson are traitors to WOOHP and while captured, Edison finally tells them about what happened seven years ago. He reveals that he installed Alice, Crimson, and Pam with mind control patches so that they would work with him to destroy the world's electric plants so then he could sell solar power on auction to make millions. After this, the trio arrogantly tell them that they cannot beat them and leave them to die with another spider bomb. The girls become cocoons but Clover manages to free herself and rescues her friends with the Liquid Nitrogen Breathspray The girls now have to stop Edison and the previous WOOHP spy team before it's too late.

At night Edison finally activates the solar power machine to make the sun come out. The girls arrive to face the trio. The girls fight but are equally matched in terms of hand to hand combat. Edison orders Pam's team to eliminate the spies. While fighting with Pam, Sam knocks her into Edison's machine leaving the solar power machine to reverse back into night. Sam, Clover and Alex are about to be defeated when Sam throws an exploding robot spider on the solar power machine leaving it to explode. Edison's machine is destroyed as his plans are foiled.

Alice, Pam, and Crimson are freed from the mind control by Sam, Clover and Alex. Edison tries to flee but is caught and arrested by Jerry. Jerry then asks the older agents to stay at WOOHP, but they decline deciding to retire from spying entirely. They also want to help rebuild the power plants they destroyed while under Edison's mind control. They leave via WOOHP helicopter and Jerry rehires the girls.


The 3 are likeable as they were on good terms with Jerry before their disappearance. Jerry greatly missed them and was delighted upon being reunited. Pam herself exhibits strong leadership skills. Edison's opinions of them also indicated they were good people.

While mind controlled they were schemers and deceptors, were cruel as they had no trouble ridding people, destroying infrastructure, taunting and insulting.

Once released from mind control, they showed their appreciative and conscientious side.

Physical Appearance


Pam has long thick, wavy hair, a fair complexion and blue eyes. Her catsuits are violet, and black and red. Her civilian outfit is a purple sleeveless halter top, a white belt, mid-waist pink pants, and dark purple pumps.


She has long black hair with a straight fringe cut, tan skin and green eyes. Her catsuits are dark purple, and black and golden yellow. Her civilian outfit is a fern colored tight top with a square neckline matching her pencil skirt and yellow strappy heels.


She has short red hair with the ends curled, a fair complexion and light-brown eyes. Her catsuits are light blue, and black and green. Her civilian outfit is a teal collar, mid-sleeve shirt with blue pants, and black open toed two strap heels.


Jerry Lewis

The 3 hold a good relationship with their former boss Jerry. They were Jerry's #1 team before their disappearance and it was devastating to Jerry to have lost them. This can be seen when they were all reunited and Jerry expressed both disbelief and great delight. They all shared a hug. It seems their excellence in espionage was enough for Jerry to tell Sam, Clover and Alex to retire. Alice, Pam, and Crimson's relationship with Jerry is very strong as he had no doubts that they were working for Evil. They're junior counterparts couldn't even shake Jerry's belief in them.

Samantha, Clover, Alexandra

The 3 were initially friendly with them until they told the juniors that they were the spies before them. This starts an animosity between them (mostly Sam, Clover and Alex). Alice, Pam, and Crimson also drew suspicions (Sam in particular) about their timing at the hydro-plant. After the 3 causes "an accident" while all 6 of them were at another hydro-plant, Alice, Pam, and Crimson successfully replace their juniors.

But they reencounter their juniors at in their lair this time with Edison. They angered their successors because they had betrayed Jerry's trust and also were working for the bad guys. Edison then reveals that they are actually being controlled by him through a microchip in their necks.

They had a showdown at an oil rig and all of them were throwing insults at one another. Once Alice, Pam, and Crimson were released from their control, the girls reconcile knowing. Alice, Pam, and Crimson thanked their juniors for helping them.



The girls were on a mission to stop Edison's plans 7 years prior to the series. But they were captured by him and were forced to work for him.


  • Alice -- Alexandra
    • Color on Edison’s catsuit -- Golden yellow
    • Eye color -- Green (Alice) / Brown (Alex)
    • Hair color -- Black
    • Hair length -- long (Alice) / short (Alex)
  • Pam -- Clover
    • Color on Edison’s catsuit -- Red
    • Eye color -- Blue Green (Pam) / Blue (Clover)
    • Hair color -- Blond
    • Hair length -- long (Pam) / short (Clover)
  • Crimson -- Samantha
    • Color on Edison’s catsuit -- Green
    • Eye color -- Brown (Crimson) / Green (Sam)
    • Hair color -- Red
    • Hair length -- short (Crimson) / long (Sam)


  • Alice (Alex's counterpart) -- Dark purple, Black and golden yellow
  • Pam (Clover's counterpart) -- Violet, Black and red
  • Crimson (Sam's counterpart) -- Light blue, Black and green


  • Pam has a resemblance to the young Lewis.
  • Despite Alice being a counterpart to Alexandra she has white/tan skin and her skin is lighter than her.
  • They appear in "WOOHP-Ahoy!"
  • They appeared in "The Elevator" as part of the re-cap.
  • It is possible they knew Tim Scam. They vanished 7 years ago, and Tim Scam was fired 10 years ago.
  • Their introduction poses are from the film "Charlie's Angels" and the music video "Independent Woman: Part 1" performed by Destiny's Child.
  • Their hair and looks are based from the group Destiny's Child.
    • Alice -- Michelle
    • Crimson -- Kelly
    • Pam -- Beyonce