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Baddies on a Blimp is episode 21 of Season 6.



When Jerry summons the spies, the girls think that they are going to be called into duty to take down some crazed, criminal baddy. Instead, they quickly discover that this will be an assignment of a different type. Jerry wants the spies to use the WOOHP blimp to transport 3 villains; Yves Mont Blanc, Manny Wong, and Violet Vanderfleet; to the Prison at WOOHP Island. But as the spies head off on their mission, the baddies stage a mutiny with plans to release all the prisoners from the island and leaving the spies there. Can the spies stop them before it is too late?

In the B-story, Clover visits the idea of dating former boyfriends.




  • Jerry: The Prisoners have arrived now to test out WOOHP’s newest Prototype.
  • Blaine: Got it Jerry and if anything bad happens I will there to handle it.
  • Sam, Clover, Alex: Blaine!!
  • Clover: So, Blaine. I guess this means y'know you and me the hottest two items in WOOHP, together once again.
  • Blaine: You're really great Clover. But here's the thing, I'm done dating girls from L.A. The last one, Mandy was just so high maintenance
  • Clover: (angrily shocks) You dated Mandy!
  • Imaginary Mandy: Nyahahahaha!!!
  • Blaine: Good job on your mission, sport. (while hanging in the ladder of the moving helicopter).
  • Clover: (saddens) Ugh...I can't believe that Mandy ruined Blaine for me...?
  • Alex: (encourages) It will be okay, Clover.
  • Sam: Maybe it's a sign to take a break on dating exs.
  • Clover: (saddens) Ugh... you're probably right.