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Black Widows is episode 16 of Season 1.



The girls investigate the disappearance of the Honeybees, a high school cheerleading squad from California who're the California state champions and have won the national cheerleading competition the last ten years in a row. They're sent undercover as the WOOHPettes, the new California state champions, and they place 3rd in nationals (a squad from Texas got 2nd place), and the 1st place winners were the Black Widows, a new squad. Sam notices that the routine was very familiar (it was the same exact routine as the Honeybees), and the girls follow them to investigate. In the B-story, Mandy competes against Sam in the Beverly Hills High annual spelling bee.



  • Jerry Lewis's lack of ability to devise original names for WOOHP related things.
  • Samantha's dislike of cheerleading is shown.
  • Mandy's trainers
    • Professional hypnotist
    • World famous linguist
    • Yoga guru
  • Beverly Hills High has a library.
  • Samantha mentions her father in this episode. After using the Metal Cutting Laser Ring she says it is so handy that maybe she should get one for her dad for Father's Day.
  • Another cheerleader team is shown using W as a logo.
  • This episode also reveals that Mandy apparently gets stage fright, when she walks into the Beverly Hills High auditorium and sees how many people are there for the annual spelling bee.
  • This episode reveals that Samantha and Clover have frequent dissagreements as revealed by Alexandra when she says, "Girls, this is not time for one of your squabbles."
  • Candy Sweet's hair shares the same vibrant red hair color from Seed in Suikoden II.
  • Clover wears the same shirt as Diana from Martin Mystery.
  • Goof: When the girls finished their performance, from the front it shows Alex holding the girls. From the back it shows Clover holding the girls.
  • Goof: At one point in the episode Alexandra has the same hairstyle as Clover.
  • Goof: The Black Widows end up getting the exact same scores from the judges as the WOOHPettes but come in first place instead of there being a tie.


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