• Raph1361

    That’s all for now

    October 21, 2019 by Raph1361

    Can’t think of anything else to add, so that’s all for now.

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  • TSFFE.


    October 4, 2019 by TSFFE.

    Guys , Where Can I Find Compowder ?

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  • Max and ruby and more nick jr

    Yes i watched totally spies 8 years ago.

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  • TotallySpiesRocks2002

    Hey everyone on the Totally Spies Wiki, Do you know the name of the Totally Spies episode where Sam, Clover & Alex from Totally Spies grin with their eyes closed behind an open door inside of a house? Because I really like that image, And now I don't know what Totally Spies episode it came from. If you do, Please show it to me so that I can download and save it on to my computer, Or you can just give me the link to the image, Alright? And you also have to tell me the name of the Totally Spies episode where the girls were grinning with their eyes closed behind an open door, OK? Thank you and goodbye!

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  • Pleaseanswermyquestions

    please answer ASAP

    It appears to be fanart

    You sure? I think I saw it on an official TS page

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  • 8AnimeChampMaster

    As a fan of totally Spies, even back in the early 2000 something has always puzzled me since season 3;

    If the girls work for WOOHP, how come they never get paychecks? In the episode " computer creepy much"  Alex explain that She's strapped for cash since her parents went on vacation and she doesn't get an allowance. Then in season 5 the girls had to work at the Mail-U cafe in order to pay rent for their Penthouse dorm (until they saved the world once again and got it for free) technically the girls should get paychecks and bonuses for Christmas and or saving the world so why did the writers have the concept of the girls working for a secret spy organization and yet has to get real jobs for their paycheck?

    • Alex would have been better off baby…

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  • Kintobor

    I like this series

    May 21, 2018 by Kintobor

    That's very entertaining.Kintobor (talk) 18:39, May 21, 2018 (UTC)Kintobor

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  • ThoththeAtlantean
    1. A Thing For Musicians
    2. The New Jerry
    3. The Getaway
    4. Stuck in the Middle Ages with You
    5. Child's Play
    6. Eraser
    7. The Fugitives
    8. Abductions
    9. Model Citizens
    10. Spy Gladiators
    11. Silicon Valley Girls
    12. Queen for a Day
    13. Shrinking
    14. Aliens
    15. Wild Style
    16. Black Widows
    17. Spies vs. Spies
    18. Evil Boyfriend
    19. Game Girls
    20. A Spy is Born I
      1. A Spy is Born II
    21. Passion Patties
    22. Soul Collector
    23. Malled
    24. Do You Believe in Magic?
    25. The Iceman Cometh
    26. Man or Machine
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  • SonicFan

    I'm sure many of you love to hate Mandy. As a result of her heinous demeanor, there are scenes, particularly the ending, where Mandy gets the worst of it.

    This is the blog to name your favorite "Mortified Mandy" moment.

    Here are mine:

    • I Want My Mummy - Mandy loses the award to Arnold when her ring is exposed as a fake.
    • Alex Gets Schooled - Her mother grounds her for a bad report card.
    • Celebrity Swipe! - Mandy loses her chance of fame to Oinky, Alex's pet pig.

    Got a favorite "Mandy the loser" scene? Share here anytime.

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  • Mysterymenace

    My Wiki

    January 4, 2018 by Mysterymenace
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  • Toonatic94

    Can anyone tell me which episode this image is from?

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  • BradenJamesBingham


    November 22, 2016 by BradenJamesBingham

    By the time Totally Spies was created. Instead of Sam, Clover and Alex as best friends forever and they have 3 mothers, instead they should be triplet sisters which means they are related to each other and their last names should be spy and they have a father named Dr. Spy who works with Jerry Lewis for WOOHP and one mother named Mrs. Spy, so Samantha Spy is the eldest sister who is self proclaimed leader and acts like a parental figure of the Spy family, then Clover is the middle sister who always loves clothes and men with all her heart and the prettiest of the Spy family and then Alexandra Spy is the youngest sister who loves animals and is very talkative in the Spy family.

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  • Steven+Amethyst=SmokyQuartz

    I've been wondering, what would happen if the main trio became moms. Would they still have time to be spies? Would their children become spies like them? Would they give up being spies to keep there kids safe? Would they still try to live together after becoming moms? Would they tell their kids that their spies when their kids are old enough to understand? Those are all the questions that have come to my mind when I wonder what the spies would do if they became moms. Does anyone else have any questions?

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  • Leonora Konadu

    Totally Spies Ethnicity

    September 30, 2016 by Leonora Konadu

    Hey everyone I've come up with where Sam,Clover and Alex are really from so this is it.

    • Name:Samantha Jackson

    Parents:Benjamin and Gabrielle Cole




    Husband:Matthew Jackson

    Kids: Amelia and Cecilia Jackson (Twins)

    Age of kids: 3

    • Name:Clover Martinez

    Parents: Nathan and Evelyn Faye


    Birthday: 23/3/1989


    Husband: Blaine Martinez

    Kids: Tori and Jayden (JJ)

    Age of kids: Tori:3 and Jayden: 1

    • Name:Alexandra Rococo

    Parents: Alejandro and Carmen Vitial


    Birthday: 29/1/1989

    Ethnicity:Africa/Mexico/Japan/India/Peru/Native America

    Husband: Raymond Rococo

    Kids: Zoe

    Age of Kid:3

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  • Andracraciun12345


    April 29, 2016 by Andracraciun12345

    Here are some very bad villians 

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  • TotallySpiesFan2002
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  • Dance mania

    I would like some friends to talk to. I am new so I do not have any

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  • Dance mania

    my favrite character

    November 9, 2015 by Dance mania

    Hi guys this is about my favorite character. she is called clover and I just love her.

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  • Witney89564

    ok so in the movie sam clover and alex meet but i think jerry was a bit  harsh on that sushi test he had set up. all mandy wants in the movie is boys attention more boys boys and boys is mandy always like this ???? mrs scritch is a bit creepy to be honest with you but if i was in the movie i would teech her a lesson like no other at least mindy is not in thi

    s we get to have a rest of her annoying voice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Witney89564

    my favourite spy

    July 14, 2015 by Witney89564

    my favourite spy is clover cause she has a good sense of fashion sense and she is a diva just like me i think we have so much in common

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  • Witney89564


    July 14, 2015 by Witney89564

    if anyone knew  that mindy was mandy's cousin you are a way bigger totally spies fan than i am i have seen all the episodes and my favourite one was woohpersize me ! and my favourite character and baddie was clover  and tim scam anyway back to mindy she has a totally annoying  voice  like a cowgirl voice or something it's actually hard to belive that their cousin's it's not like mandy has actually been nice to the girls would it kill her just to be nice once in a while ???????????

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  • Witney89564

    Dum boys

    July 13, 2015 by Witney89564

    most of the men clover has met are dum people but imagine if clover got a cute hunkey sensitive boyfriend well picture the scene .

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  • Witney89564

    slow dates

    July 12, 2015 by Witney89564

    ok so i know clover can be a bit of a diva and she's mandy's rival you can't disapoint especially in front of cute boys like dean or tony egal and let's not forget about blain.sometimes clover's fantasiys can get a bit wierd like a mega mani mania i mean how can you just lasoo nails and bring them back to you i mean like it's just crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • HannaKim

    Best Show Ever

    March 31, 2015 by HannaKim

    Totally Spies is the best show i've ever watched cool tv series....

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  • Roar Like a Kitty

    Hey everyone! I was wondering which main charcter's style you all liked the most? Although Clover is my favorite character, I have to say I like Sam's style better. I love her girly outfits and long red hair! Anyways, which main character (Sam, Alex, or Clover) has your favorite style?

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  • BlitzGundam

    What episode was it when all three girls are brainwashed, and Jerry saves them?

    Sebastian Saga uses brainwashing music in the episode where he seeks revenge.

    "Stark Raving Mad"

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  • Sd-100

    It's based on a thread posted on

    It would be fun to see Britney again as well as a team-up of Tim Scam and Geraldine.

    Also, remember Ariel from season 2 episode "W.O.W"? She said after the first confrontation with the Spies then she'll return for revenge and it'll be cool to see a 2nd round between her and the Spies. We're still waiting...

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  • Carebearheart


    May 4, 2014 by Carebearheart

    Does anyone think that Ariel from W.O.W. will finally reappear? they didn't make her revenge plan yet, they don't even tell us there will be a season 7 yet. Ariel should appear again!

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  • Carebearheart

    season 7

    May 4, 2014 by Carebearheart

    Does anyone think there should be a season 7?

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  • Jas Ker

    Totally Spies

    February 8, 2014 by Jas Ker

    Anyone know if/when Totally Spies Season 7 will be released? I just got finished with Season 6 and it rocked! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Sd-100

    Britney teammates

    January 11, 2014 by Sd-100

    Remember the Season 3 episode "Escape from WOOHP Island". Britney showed a picture of her 2 teammates to Sam, Clover and Alex. It could be interesting to see if they'll appear in season 7 assuming then Marathon work on TS season 7, what do you think?

    I can't upload the picture in question. ^^; I uploaded on Photobucket

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  • Larry.2013

    Totally spies canada

    January 11, 2014 by Larry.2013

    Totally spies is associated with Canada Season 3-5 Totally spies was produced by The Canadian Company Image Entertainment corporation and Teletoon

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  • HappyCoolHero22


    December 31, 2013 by HappyCoolHero22

    Who is your favorite main character?

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  • BlazeSeed366

    In youtube SailorWVA,

    Some episodes in Season 6 have not shown in youtube. So I will put the episodes that is not shown in this youtube in english are.

    Episode 9: Super Sweet Cupcake Company.

    Episode 13: Evil Ice Skater

    Episode 17: Little Dude

    Episode 18: Totally Switched Again

    These are the episodes are not seen only it has netherlands and dutch version have those episodes.

    You can comment this if you want...?

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  • SharonLilte

    Sam/Scam Fans Unite!

    October 26, 2013 by SharonLilte

    Just raising some awareness here for my and fellow Sam/Scam fans' group over on deviantART. :)

    Here is the link:

    Drop by if you like! Lots of interesting discussion and great artwork can be found there as well as of course, other die-hard fans of Sam/Scam. Also, the group outlines why the pairing is a valid one and has a strong basis (including a list of Sam/Scam moments with episode references) so in case you're one of the people wondering why it exists or why it's so popular, you should be able to find your answers there! :D

    My YouYube also has Sam/Scam videos/related things. You will find me commenting about Sam/Scam hints from the show on related Totally Spies videos uploaded by other users here as …

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  • BlitzGundam

    What episode is this picture from? Here is the pic: 

    "Escape From WOOHP Island"

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  • Animelover13

    My Favorite Spy!

    April 12, 2013 by Animelover13

    My favorite spy is Alex. She has been my favorite spy since the beginning. Alex is my favorite spy because her suit is one of my favorite colors and I love her bubbly personality! She is athletic and clumsy, I do tend to be clumsy sometimes. Even though I'm not as girly as she is, I do care about boys

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  • Totallyspiesfan297

    Alex Yoga

    March 25, 2013 by Totallyspiesfan297

    In which episode did this  scene ending scene of alex putting her own feet behind her head appeared?

    "Alex Gets Schooled" -- ending credits

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  • Totallyspiesfan297

    in which episode did this scene, (alex putting her feet behind her head) appeared?

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  • Sailorcancer

    evil WOOHP

    January 30, 2013 by Sailorcancer

    I remeber watching the totaly spies episode called foward to the past in one scene Sam(Alejandro's future adopted mother) Clover and Alex traveled back in to the 1970s when Jerry suposed to found WOOHP the (World Orgonization Of Human Protection) a crime fighting orgonization in another scene Boogie gus(Gus Jr's dad) told Sam,Clover and Alex that the had stolen  the time traving gaget to start his evil WOOHP the (World Orgonization Of Harming People) a crime commiting orgonization.

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  • Sailorcancer

    Alijandro Simpson

    January 22, 2013 by Sailorcancer

    sometime while on a out of retirement mission Sam,Clover and Alex will save a bunch of orphans including an orphan boy named Alejandro from a villian in Guatamala. Clover and Alex will suggest that Sam adopt Alejandro as her son and she does Alejandro becomes Aljendro Simpsom whom Sam will raise with tender loving care.

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  • Degrassigirl07

    Mandy and her grades

    September 15, 2012 by Degrassigirl07

    As far as I'm concerned, Mandy and her grades have been a topic of fascination for me. In Dental? More Like Mental, her mother Phoebe cuts off her credit card until her grades are brought back up.

    Then, in Alex Gets Schooled from Season 4, it turns out that Mandy was the person who got all Fs (since there had been a mix-up at school, and the report card belonging to Alex actually had As and Bs). Phoebe then grounds her for the rest of the year. For Mandy, that means no going shopping at the Beverly Hills Mall, no picking out new clothes to wear, and no dates. Instead, she has to improve her bad grade point average. Too bad for Mandy. She had to learn the hard way that actions have consequences, and disobeying the rules means being punished …

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  • SecretSpy Nira

    Mrs. Lewis and Alice

    September 7, 2012 by SecretSpy Nira

    Young Mrs. Lewis (Jerry's mother) and Alice (Jerry's ex-spy) look the same: same lenght, wavy, blonde hair and, well, they are cartoons so thir bodies look the same too. What do you think?

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  • Makotheactornotthecharacter

    Just writing this to say that I cannot wait for the next season. gonna be totally awesome!!! Whooooo

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  • Danewilson

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  • LevyChan


    May 26, 2012 by LevyChan

    Hellu i write a blog so i can get a badge X3

    Click here for something cool :D

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  • Espionne

    Just a shameless promo of a webcomic series I'm working on, which involves Tim Scam in an Alternate Universe (AU) where he works as an IT support tech at the same company as Samantha. He gets calls from all kinds of characters from Totally Spies, including many villains.

    Link here:

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  • Sailorcancer

    Helga's allergy

    February 19, 2012 by Sailorcancer

    When I watched the Totally spies episode So not totally spies part 1 Helga sold bracletts that made Sam,Clover and Alex forget that they where spies for woohp (the World Orgonization of Human Protection) later in another scene when Terrance(Jerry's evil idenical twin brother) Helga and Boogie Gus (Gus jr.'s dad) attacked Sam,Clover and Alex in the Planet Sushi restraunt. During the fight Alex grabed a peice of shirmp shushi and threw it at ,Helga .Helga caught it tossed it in the air It landed in her mouth while she was giving her evil laughter, When she relized it was shrimp she Said,"Oh no that was shrimp, how could you I'm allergic to shellfish." as her face got puffy and broke out into hives.

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  • Firestormblaze!

    December 5, 2011 by Firestormblaze

    Yeah. I looked it up, and found it, here. I don't know if you already knew, but we may be able to take screen shots, and add to this site. So uh, yeah.

    Oh and merry christmas! (Early)

    A spy's work is never done! 00:23, December 5, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Sailorcancer

    When I watched the Totally spies episode Brain Drain I wonder what whould happen if Samantha the spy went into a barber shop instead of going into the Planet Sushi restaraunt after escapeing from WOOHP (the World Orgonization Of Human Protection) h.q. cause her intelligence was drained on the game show Brain Busters also I wonder what Samantha the spy's new hairstyle would look like when her boss Jerry found her in a barber shop.


    p.s. a couple of people told me that I can't have a facebook account.

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