Age: 14 - 18
Nation-State: United States of America
Hometown: Beverly Hills, California
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Skin color: Light Brown
Family and Friends
Relatives: Rick (Brother)
Friends: Mandy, Dominique
Nemesis: Clover, Samantha, Alexandra
Personality and Ability
Professions: Beverly Hills High student, spy-ssassin (former)
Behind the Scene
First appearance: A Thing For Musicians
Voiced by: Flag of USAKatie Griffin
Voiced by: Flag of CanadaKatie Griffin


Caitlin is one of Mandy's lackeys/best friends, along with Dominique. She has long, curly black hair and dark skin. She appears in seasons 1 to 4 in the series, although her name is not mentioned in the first two seasons. Both she and Dominique were written out of the series after "Evil Graduation" of Season 5, but appear in the prequel feature film that was later released, showing they have known Mandy since the spies' first mission.

Caitlin has an older brother named Rick whose only appearance in the entire series was in the episode "Child's Play" as an object of Clover's affection (and Mandy's at the end of that episode). Caitlin is Alexandra's rival. She has worn 2 Catsuits in the series: lime green ("Evil Jerry") as part of the "Spy Chic" trend, and purple ("Totally Busted") when she was a spy-ssassin.

Caitlin and Dominique seem to be Mandy's closest, or either, her only friends, because whenever Mandy's not with either one or both of them, she does not seem to hang out with anyone else. In fact, Caitlin and Dominique seem closer to each other than they do to Mandy.


  • Caitlin and her brother, Rick, might be mulatto, as they have an African-American appearance but have light skin, and Caitlin also has green eyes in most of her appearances (unless she wears colored contacts, because she has dark brown eyes in some of her other appearances).
  • The first time Caitlin and Dominique were referred to directly by name in the regular series was in the season 4 finale "Totally Busted". There, Caitlin attacks Alex at the supermarket as a spy-ssassin. Prior to that they were called Caitlin and Dominique in "Sis-KaBOOM-Bah!" but it was not made clear who was who.


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