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Caitlin is one of Mandy's former best friends, along with Dominique and is Alexandra's rival.


She appears in seasons 1 to 4 in the series, although her name is not mentioned in the first two seasons. Both she and Dominique were written out of the series after "Evil Graduation" of Season 5, but appear in the prequel feature film that was later released, showing they have known Mandy since the spies' first mission.

Caitlin has an older brother named Rick whose only appearance in the entire series was in the episode "Child's Play" as an object of Clover's affection (and Mandy's at the end of that episode).

Caitlin and Dominique seem to be Mandy's closest, or either, her only friends, because whenever Mandy's not with either one or both of them, she does not seem to hang out with anyone else. In fact, Caitlin and Dominique seem closer to each other than they do to Mandy.


Like her friends, she is materialistic and snobbish. Caitlin finds popularity to be an important and will try to surround herself with popular people. A supportive friend, she will do what she can to help but how genuine this is, is up for debate.

Physical Appearance

She has long, curly black (dark red in "Totally Spies! The Movie") hair, light green eyes and caramel skin.

She has worn 2 Catsuits in the series: lime green ("Evil Jerry") as part of the "Spy Chic" trend, and purple ("Totally Busted") when she was a spy-ssassin.



When not hanging out with Mandy, Caitlin often hangs out with Dominique and the two appear to get along very well. It's uncertain as to where their friendship is after high school.


Although her friend and goes along with her antics, enjoying causing problems and one uping people, Caitlin isn't always seen with Mandy. And at one point, even wanted to hang out with Samantha when she started getting more popular than Mandy. In "Totally Spies! The Movie", Caitlin was seen carrying Mandy's shopping bags. Though she does seem to enjoy her company. Their friendship appears to have ended after high school and is no longer mentioned by Mandy or the spies.



Alex is Caitlin's rival but the two barely interact outside Mandy's presence. The most they've interacted was in Season 4's finale, "Totally Busted" when Catlin was under the influence of a spy-sassin suds.


Samantha is Dominique's rival, but Caitlin has very little interaction with her. They only interact when Mandy is present. The most interaction Catlin ever had with Sam was in the Season 4 finale, "Totally Busted".


Clover is Mandy's rival, although Catlin has very little interaction with her. The majority of her interaction with Clover only happens when Mandy is present. The most interaction Catlin ever had with Clover was in the Season 4 finale, "Totally Busted".

Romantic Interests


"Pete" affectionately called "Petey-pie" was Caitlin's "boyfriend" in "Matchmaker" after she went through a matchmaking service called, Ero through the Heart. She was completely enamoured by "Pete" only to be stood up at the Valentine's day dance leaving her devastated. However, this heartbreak turned into rage when she learned that "Pete" was one of the many alias of one man, named Eugene Snit who took revenge on all women and love because he was dumped by his girlfriend.


  • Caitlin and her brother, Rick, might be mulatto, as they have an African and European appearance but have light tan skin, and Caitlin also has green eyes in most of her appearances (unless she wears colored contacts, because her eyes are hazel in some of her other appearances).
  • The first time Caitlin and Dominique were referred to directly by name in the regular series was in the season 4 finale "Totally Busted". There, Caitlin attacks Alex at the supermarket as a spy assassin. Prior to that they were called Caitlin and Dominique in "Sis-KaBOOM-Bah!" but it was not made clear who was who.


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