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The Catsuit is the uniform for WOOHP field agents. In almost every mission Samantha, Alexandra, and Clover are seen wearing a catsuit (or some variant of it). Several villains also use them.






Alice, Pam, Crimson



Carmen, Stella, Gabriella



Lara Croft





Alice, Pam, Crimson



Geraldine Husk


Walking Tornado

Other Catsuit

“Clowning Around”

“Evil Professor”

“Game Girls”

Mime Your Own Business

Spy Chic



There are epaulettes on each shoulder. They can be attached to the Jetpack Backpack, a Parachute, or a regular backpack. There are also pads on the arms and legs. The belt is usually the Expandable Cable Bungee Belt. From Season 3 onwards, the Expandable Cable Bungee Belt is a regular gadget.


The boots are the same color as the catsuit. Variants include the Suction Cup Bottom Gogo Boot, Titanium Drill Heel Boot, Rocket Powered Inline Boot, and Nuclear Powered Jet Boot. They are ankle high or knee high in length. When the spies are sent in a cold weather zone, they wear fur lined boots.


The catsuit is composed of the catsuit, gloves, boots and in a few episodes, the hood. The catsuit has one single color in 2 shades: light and dark. The catsuit has a zipper from the neck to the belt. Between the two it is the darker color of the costume, from the shoulders to the boots. This catsuit is also used with the Double-in-Trouble Osmosis Bubble Suit, Jet Amphibious Flight Suit, Second Skin, Underwater Power Walking Apparatus That's Inconspicuous, and the Water Use Cranium Apparatus.

Feline Streamline Catsuit

This catsuit variant helps with stealth, dexterity, flexibility, and balance, as implied with the name "feline". Sam used it to evade the laser alarms, and she and Clover used it to evade booby traps. Compared to the regular one, this variant has 2 changes. The first is that the catsuit stops at the shoulders, except for two large straps. The second is the addition of a cat ears headband.


The elbow length gloves are a darker color than the catsuit.

Prototype Catsuit

Prototype Catsuits are the proposed ideas that Clover drafted in an attempt to give the girls more stylish uniforms. These ideas were shown in “Totally Spies! The Movie”. Clover originally drew up a superhero costume, complete with a two-toned leotard and matching cape and mask. There is a large “S” printed on the chest of the uniform, probably standing short for “spy”. The heart belt that is present in the final uniform is also present in this prototype. Clover's uniform was the only one shown in this variant. The second idea is a sailor fuku uniform reminiscent of the ones worn by the main characters of the Sailor Moon series, particularly the “Super” variant of the titular character of the same name. The costume consists of a white t-shirt and pleated skirt with two-tone accents. The suit included short gloves, a tiara, sailor uniform collar with a heart-shaped brooch attached to a large chest bow, a smaller bow on the rear, and knee-high, high-heeled boots with an upper “V” shape. This uniform idea was met with the most criticism by Jerry. Clover's final pitch was the color-coded catsuits that the girls are seen with throughout the series. The three girls unanimously decided on this idea, and Jerry Lewis scanned the sketch, forming the suits for the spies to wear for the rest of the movie and series.

WOOHP: Field Operation

Astronaut Catsuit

Cold Weather Catsuit

Feline Streamline Catsuit

Jungle Catsuit

Motorcycle Catsuit

Sports Catsuit

Standard Catsuit

WOOHP: Non-Field Operation

Original Catsuit

Prototype Catsuit

Training Catsuit


Double-in-Trouble Osmosis Bubble Suit

Jet Amphibious Flight Suit

Multi Use Cranium Apparatus

Second Skin