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Chester Bates is a victim of Milan Stilton's kidnapping. He is one of the "Power 4" and is the 4th most richest person.


Chester is listed in "Totally Loaded" magazine as one of the richest people in the world. Clover reads his description: a computer genius and philanthropist. When the kidnapping of the "Power 4s" began he was offered protection by WOOHP which he turned down. Chester had confidence in his security system and felt he did not need it but was evidentially proven wrong with the kidnapper easily broke through without detection.

The kidnapper, as is turned out, was Fufu, Milan Stilton's dog and was under her orders to kidnap all those richer than her. Chester is then trapped with Kimberly Kelly, Helena Simms, and Thomas Hansen in Milan's closet. He is then later joined by WOOHP spies Samantha, Clover, and Alexandra. When the spies come to, Thomas informs them where they are and the heiress greets her prisoners. Believing she had already won, Milan tells everyone her plans: become #1 in wealth by eliminating her competition. After that she leaves and Clover excitedly starts asking the rich questions. Chester is asked about his wealth being greater than most countries. He timidly answers "yes" but Samantha snaps at him by saying that his money cannot buy him out of this situation. Her angry attitude makes him uncomfortable and the atmosphere changes into a dire one because the walls start closing in on all of them.

The spies free themselves first then Chester and the others. He was nearly crushed but the spies were able to get them all out in the nick of time.

After Milan is arrested, Chester appreciated the spies for saving him and wanted to reward them.


Chester seems to be a timid person.

Physical Appearance

Chester wears square glasses with brown semi-rimless frames. He is Caucasian, has light-blue eyes, short brown hair with bangs brushed to the right. He wears a light gray suit with a pale blue dress shirt, sky blue tie, and brown loafers.