Child's Play is episode 5 of Season 1.



A villain is making all of the adults in the world act as children using evil technology disguised as old-fashioned toys, particularly in the form of a Barbie inspired doll called "Little Anne". Sam is also affected, becoming a woman-child in behavior.

In a B-story, Clover develops a crush on Caitlin's older brother, Rick, who's a senior at Beverly Hills High. Clover tries dressing and acting older to impress him, but finds out at the end of the episode that he is actually going out with Mandy.




  • When Alex tells Clover she should try being herself to impress Rick, Alex's eyebrows briefly disappear.
  • When the girls arrive in a WOOHP plane after being WOOHPed by Jerry there are a couple of times when part of Jerry's face is colored gray like his hair.
  • When Jerry tells the girls about the Manicure Kit, Alex is wearing the Magnabelt. But when Jerry tosses the electric blue nail polish to Alex the belt is missing.
  • When the girls send Jerry the toys they recieved, they send more toys than they were given.
  • One of the toys the girls send Jerry is colored orange at first but when the toy arrives in Jerry's office it has the same color scheme as a compowder.
  • When the girls are trying to sneak into the toy factory Sam's makeup is messy but later it is fine.
  • When Rodney first picks Sam up his hair is purple but later it is yellow.
  • When Clover and Alex see Sam knock off Rodney's helmet, the guy who is carrying Clover and Alex has a dark blue helmet, yellow ear muffs, and yellow hair instead of a yellow helmet, orange ear muffs, and purple hair.
  • When the girls are first taken into the toy factory the dresses on the big little Ann dolls are pink but then they are light pink.


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