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Compowder, X-powder


The Compowder is a WOOHP gadget that is shaped as a compact mirror. It serves as a mobile phone to Jerry, and also does analysis. From Season 3, it is renamed the X-Powder and given additional abilities such as changing the spies' clothing and projecting their appearance as a hologram.

In Season 1 and Season 2, it resembles a pink compact with a mirror.

At the start of Season 3, it was renamed the X-Powder. It also has the new ability of allowing the girls to instantly change their outfits from their Catsuits to any disguise appear. It can also change the appearance of vehicles.

The X-Powders were updated once again at the start of Season 6, going back to the original name of Compowder. New features include DNA recognition, hands-free capability (which literally allows the compowder to levitate), multiple data window projection function; and a “shiny skin protector”, which detects when the user's face gets extra sweaty.

In Season 7, Toby updated the com powders to include deflecting plasma shields. The spies may combine their individual Plasma shields to form a single larger, stronger shield.




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