Age: 14 - 18
Nation-State: United States of America
Hometown: Beverly Hills, California
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Skin color: Tan
Family and Friends
Personality and Ability
Professions: Beverly Hills High student, server at Groovy Smoothie Shack
Behind the Scene
First appearance: "It's How You Play the Game"
Voiced by: Flag of USADarryl Kurylo


David is the girls' romantic interest (as well as that of Mandy). He was introduced in the episode "It's How You Play the Game". He loves the arts, guitar playing, poetry, painting, etc. He also has a love of nature and history and is very sensitive to rejection. He has a recurring role in many of the Season 2 episodes, and re-appeared once in Season 4, after having not appeared in Season 3.

David works at the Groovy Smoothie Shack at Beverly Hills High and he is the jumping off point for many of Clover, Alex, and Sam's personal predicaments while they try to get him to notice them. This befalls Clover the most as she and Mandy compete for David's affections. David is blissfully oblivious to the girls' attempts to garner his attention and leaves the girls stunned with his smile as he leaves to go help at a soup kitchen or fulfill another duty.

In the episode "I, Dude", after Samantha helped him gain equal rights for the lunch lady who was set to be replaced with a robot by going on a hunger strike with him, David told Sam that they were perfect for each other like brother and sister, leaving Sam basically sister-zoned. In the episode "Ski Trip", Sam gets friend-zoned when she mentions wanting to share a romantic view with a guy, but David tells her not to give up and that he will keep his eyes out for her.


  • David was named after producer David Michel as an inside joke.


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