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Dog Show Showdown is episode 11 of Season 6.



When WOOHP learns that several famous show dogs have disappeared from around the world, Jerry sends the spies to investigate. But when the girls arrive at the penthouse of a New York City high-rise to keep watch over an award-winning pug named Mr. Billingsworth, they find that they're too late as the dog is already in the process of being abducted! They do, however, find a bevy of odd clues, clues that seem to indicate that the abductor is neither human nor animal! And when the girls go undercover at the world renowned West Hollywood Dog Show, they soon find out who their villain is, a dog show contestant who has never won an award. Not only has he built the "perfect" robotic dog to enter the contest with, he's also programmed the pup to take out the competition!

In a B-story, when Dean Warden and Dean Warden find out that Alex has a pet pig, living in West Coast Hall, she has to disguise Oinky as a dog in order to keep him.



  • The same theme music is heard in:
  • Goof: When Clover and Sam went to use the bathroom Sam was shown to be wearing sandals, but when they opened the door to see Alex trying to clean her pet pig inside, Sam is shown to be barefoot.