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Evil Bouquets Are Sooo Passe is episode 13 of Season 4.



When men start dropping into a dazed sleep, the spies are sent to investigate. They find out that a botanist named Violet Vanderfleet has used a hybrid of poisonous flowers called the Viola Vanderfleetus to destroy the male half of civilization due to her own failed relationships.

In the B-story, Sam gets a crush on Clover's ex-boyfriend, Fernando, and it leads to a broken relationship with Clover.



  • Episodes with "Sooo Passe" in the title.
  • Watching Samantha and Clover fight over Fernando, Jerry Lewis claims that when he was a "young lad" there were 2 "lasses" who fought over him too.
  • When Alex stated that using the Compowder to reflect lasers would fail, she was referring to "Physics 101 Much?".
  • Goof: When Fernando calls Sam while she's at WOOHP there is a brief moment where part of the outline for the neckline of Sam's shirt disappears.
  • Goof: The number of heads on the plant that knocked Mr. Bently keeps changing.