Evil Hair Salon
Evil Hair Salon
Air Date August 14, 2002
Season 02
Episode Number 03
Proceeded By I Want My Mummy
Followed By The Yuck Factor

Evil Hair Salon is episode 3 of Season 2.



Redheads start vanishing worldwide after visiting the new Cutting Edge Hair Salons. Given that she has red hair, Sam infers she would be the ideal choice to investigate but whoever masterminded the abductions has made their quota.

Instead, the mastermind needs blonds and chose Clover as their next abductee. When Sam and Alex realize that danger is brewing, they try to track her down and rescue her before “The Harvest” begins. In the B-story, the girls decide to organize a surprise birthday party for Jerry.



  • The WOOHP budget:
    • "Evil Hair Salon" -- buying 2 wigs at $1250 per wig ($2500 total) is considered a major field equipment expense
    • "Evil Ice Cream Man Much?" -- damaging a vehicle is met with disdain
    • "Shrinking" -- a prototype reconnaissance/surveillance satellite costs $1,000,000; the full scale version costs $1,000,000,000
    • "Stark Raving Mad" -- a Compowder is expensive
  • A Jerry Lewis look-alike is seen in this episode. When the girls are WOOHPed from the mall for their mission, a bald man with Jerry's identical build and signature suit is seen going up the mall's escalator. As Jerry is shown seconds later in his office welcoming the spies, this man cannot be him.
  • Goof: When the spies are walking towards the Cutting Edge Salon they are not wearing their red wigs. After they walk in the door they are wearing the red wigs. While it is possible they put them on at the last second, it is unlikely.
  • Goof: When Sam first grabs the Cutting Edge workers jacket to play toro, the center of the flower on her Jetpack Backpack is colored yellow instead of pink.
  • Goof: When Felicia first starts the harvesting machine Clover is next in line, but later the red haired girl from the beginning of the episode is in her place.
  • When Sam is putting the THIRD into the video camera to view the footage, she is shown wearing her spy gloves even though she is in her civilian clothes and is not shown gloved before or after the shot.
  • In this episode, Clover asked Jerry if they could see Jerry "in style, like in a limo or something". Her wish was granted in "The Wedding Crasher".
  • The 2 girls at the start, the red hair and black hair, were voiced by Kath Soucie and Grey Delisle.