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Evil Ice Cream Man Much? is episode 15 of Season 4.



An evil ice cream man, enraged that his family business has been driven to bankruptcy by customers' changing tastes in dessert, makes a special ice cream that contains fero-acko and can freeze anyone or anything it touches.

In the B-story, Alex gets bad dating luck.



  • The WOOHP budget:
    • Evil Hair Salon“ -- buying 2 wigs at 1250 dollars per wig (2500 dollars total) is considered a major field equipment expense
    • ”Evil Ice Cream Man Much?“ -- damaging a vehicle is met with disdain
    • Shrinking“ -- a prototype reconnaissance/surveillance satellite costs 1,000,000 dollars; the full scale version costs 1,000,000,000 dollars
    • Stark Raving Mad“ -- a Compowder is expensive
  • Sebastian Saga‘s rave music is used.
  • The car that is swept away by the flood of ice cream towards the end of the episode is a Messerschmitt KR175, an iconic German microcar from 1953.
  • Clover listens to the Smoochie Platypus band.
  • The ice cream that was made to freeze people was a modified form of vanilla.
  • The Ice Cream Man's family has made ice cream for 4 generations.
  • Clover isn't allowed to have the Multi Function Charm Bracelet because she inflated the emergency life raft inside an elevator the last time she used it.
  • The 3 dresses Alex tries on are in the spies' signature colors.
  • Goof: Alex's eye color changes to green during the briefing.
  • Goof: Right before Alex uses the Hologram Projecting Mood Ring her fingernails can be seen on her catsuit.
  • While undercover as "Speedy Plumbers," Alex's disguise is blue apart from her yellow catsuit. Sam and Clover have matching ones.