Evil Promotion Much? is episode 24 of Season 3.



Part 1

A new day begins, but Sam's juice and Clover's toothpaste are both carrot flavored. Alex tells them that she is starting a rabbit diet and made everything carrot tasting. The girls get WOOHPed to Jerry's office where he is talking with his mother via cell phone. Jerry tells them that his mother is visiting and also that they got promoted to become super spies, which means more dangers, more responsibilities, and more missions. The girls are shocked and are WOOHPed to the training facility where they will be trained to become super spies.

At the facility, the girls meet the administator, Terrence, and their co-agent, Dean. The girls get a crush on Dean. Later that night, the girls and Dean arrive at a dinner where they get lockets. They open the lockets and find that there are their holographic trainers inside. The girls and Dean are transported to a mysterious room where the trainers tell them to ready for training, and that WOOHP chose them as spies because they did some spy actions as babies.

The virtual training session begins, and the girls and Dean find themselves in a virtual canyon where they have to cross the bridge above a gorge. Alex decides to use her rabbit methods, but falls off the bridge and Dean rescues her. The trainers tell them that they can control their fears. Sam figures out that the solution to the problem is a "mind over matter" exercise, and she, along with Clover, Alex and Dean, crosses the bridge with eyes closed. This works as they start believing that the gorge is no longer deep. The girls and Dean are then transported to a virtual alleyway and are blindfolded. The trainers play the attackers and attack the girls and Dean. The girls and Dean realize that they need intuition more than sight to fight, and use it to defeat the trainers. The girls and Dean are then transported to a virtual jungle where they have to get to the other side of a river in a boat. The trainers tell them that there's a catch: Dean has to always be in a boat, the boat has only two seats, Clover and Alex can't be left alone together and Sam and Alex can't be left alone together. Clover gets an idea and this helps her, Sam, Alex and Dean pass the final part of the training.

The girls and Dean return to the facility. Soon, a mysterious earthquake shakes the facility and the girls and Dean hide in a ballroom. The earthquake stops, but the ballroom's walls begin to move to crush the girls and Dean. Alex sees a skylight in the ceiling. She kicks a pipe, releasing water from it, so it can raise and bring the girls and Dean under the ceiling. The flood causes a blackout. The girls and Dean use the methods from the training to open the window and get out. However, Dean has disappeared. The girls dive to save him, but the water evaporates and the ballroom is normal again.

The girls go outside and find Terrence there. The girls tell him what happened. Terrence tells them that he knows where Dean is and he'll take them to him. Later, the girls and Terrence enter to a mysterious room where they find Dean inside a gummy cage. Terrence tells the girls that if they get close to Dean, the gummy cage will become increasingly tight until it will kill Dean. Terrence reveals to them that he's a villain and says that there's a way for the girls to save Dean: they'll eliminate Jerry and bring to him a microchip which Jerry keeps under a fake birthmark on his neck. While the girls are unwilling to eliminate Jerry, they realize that they have to do so in order to save Dean.

Part 2

The girls return to Beverly Hills to eliminate Jerry and deliver the microchip to Terrence. Terrence monitors the girls to see them eliminating Jerry. The girls decide to trick Terrence, so they can warn Jerry about the situation. The girls hide inside a garbage truck and open their lockets to reveal the holographic images of themselves. Upon seeing her holographic image, Sam begins to think that she's a plain Jane. The girls put on the garbage clothes and leave their holograms behind to trick Terrence.

Later on, Jerry is at the clothing store. The girls arrive and pull him to the dressing room. Jerry sees the girls and becomes angry and convinced that the girls skipped their training to go shopping. Jerry is about to fire them from WOOHP, but the girls manage to explain the situation to him. Upon hearing Terrence's name, Jerry becomes shocked. The girls are confused and Jerry tells them that Terrence is a person from his past. Alex tells Jerry that they have to take a microhip from him and give it to Terrence. Jerry tells the girls that they have to get to his house.

The girls and Jerry arrive at his house and the girls find the picture of Jerry and his twin brother as kids. The girls and Jerry hatch a plan: The girls will pretend to eliminate Jerry and the microchip will be replaced with a fake one. The girls return to the garbage truck and turn off their holograms. Later on, the girls and Jerry begin the plan. The girls pretend to attack Jerry and take the fake microchip away from him. Unfortunately, during this, Jerry falls off the bridge and drowns in the river. The girls begin to cry to see that Jerry is gone, but are still determined to save Dean and stop Terrence.

Later that night, the girls return to the training facility to rescue Dean. They return to Terrence's room and use their gadgets to destroy the gummy cage. Unfortunately, Dean is revealed to be a dummy and the girls wonder where the real Dean is. Terrence arrives and traps the girls inside the gummy cage. Dean arrives and, to the girls' surprise, is revealed to be a double agent. Terrence gets the fake microchip away from the girls and tells them that they will be doomed.

Terrence and Dean take the girls to the ballroom and leave them there. Soon, the floor begins to shake and reveals a bottomless abyss. The girls realize that they'll be next to die. At the last moment, a helicopter arrives with a mysterious pilot and the girls are rescued.

Part 3

The girls get to the helicopter and find out that Jerry has saved them. Jerry tells them that he survived. Jerry tells the girls that Terrence's mysterious plan has something to do with the Spy Droid project. The girls and Jerry arrive to the Spy Droid factory in Antarctica. Inside, Terrence tries to gain the access to the Spy Droid mainframe with the microchip, but he finds out that the microchip is a fake. The girls and Jerry arrive, but are soon captured. Terrence calls Jerry "brother". The girls are confused and Jerry tells them that Terrence is his twin brother.

The girls don't believe Jerry because Terrence does not have a similiar appearance. Terrence tells the girls that he had plastic surgeries and says that he wanted to differ from his "evil twin brother". Terrence then tells a story: When he and Jerry were at school, they helped each other cheat by copying the answers off of each other during an important exam, but when the teacher found them out, Jerry cowardly blamed Terrence, leading his brother to be expelled from school.

Terrence demands the microchip, but Jerry says that he does not have it. Terrence scans Jerry and finds the microchip on his teeth. Terrence gets an access to the mainframe and activates the robots, and makes them look as Jerry. Terrence then reveals that he wants to take over WOOHP and the world. Terrence and the robots leave, with Jerry as a hostage. Dean is about to destroy the girls, but he releases them and reveals that he is their only trainer and he was pretending to be on Terrence's side to help the girls. Clover begins to say about her upcoming debutante ball and she needs a boy to go with her, but Sam tells her that they have to save WOOHP.

Terrence, Jerry and the robots arrive at Beverly Hills. The robots begin to capture the agents and destroy the rooms. Terrence installs a self-destruct program inside the robot in order to destroy WOOHP. Jerry tricks Terrence to take the microchip away from him. Terrence then leaves. Meanwhile, the girls and Dean arrive and destroy some of the robots. Jerry uses the microchip to get the access to the WOOHP mainframe to destroy the robots, but Terrence has changed the password. The girls and Jerry use different passwords, but all of them are denied. Dean says the correct password and soon the robots are destroyed. Terrence is about to escape, but is soon arrested. After being arrested, Jerry tells him he called the academy they were attending when they were younger and confessed to his mistake. Terrence is glad that Jerry is going to repeat the 4th grade.

Later that night, the girls are finally promoted to the rank of super spies. Dean asks Clover to go with him to the debutane ball and she agrees. During the promotion ceremony, Jerry receives a call from his mother that she is waiting for him in the airport, making himself humiliated in front of the girls and the other agents. Later, in his prison cell, Terrence takes off the mask to uncover himself as Jerry. "Jerry" tells the guards that Terrence escaped and locked him in the cell. The guard lets "Jerry" out of the cell, but he gets knocked out. "Jerry" takes off the mask to reveal himself as Terrence. Terrence has escaped from prison.




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