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The Expandable Cable Bungee Belt is a requisite grappling gadget.


This Gadget is a belt whose belt buckle can be launched, become attached to any metallic surface and reel the spies in. It also has hooks that can grab onto non-metal surfaces, enabling the spies to climb up any kind of wall, although the rope has been known to fail sometimes. Later, it is added to the spies' Catsuits with the girls regularly using it on missions.

The Magnetic Spring Loaded Bungee Belt in Faux Snakeskin variant is first seen in "Model Citizens". Here, it takes the appearance of a white belt with a gold heart, two rows of gold studs across the belt, and a buckle in the back to snap it on. It is used by Alex, Clover, and Sam to get a better view of the fashion show. Here, there are no hooks, and the heart attaches to any metal surface.