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Futureshock! is episode 2 of Season 4.



During an after school cheerleading practice, Mandy breaks a nail and David offers her the chance to work as a school TV reporter while her nail grows back. Meanwhile, during a clean up of Jerry's office, Alex discovers a gadget that is actually a time machine which accidentally sends the spies 20 years into the future.

While in the future, they uncover the horrifying truth: Mandy rules Beverly Hills and she plans to "Mandify" everyone on the planet. Teaming up with their future selves, the girls must stop Mandy and return to the past. They go to the future WOOHP, and later return by using the time machine after defeating Mandy.

In the end, the spies put a Super Nail Enhancing Polish (an instant re-grow nail polish) in Clover's locker. Mandy overhears them talking, sneaks in and takes it. With her nails restored, she declines the TV reporter job, claiming she has better things to do now that she is "back in form".



  • The title is a reference to the book "Future Shock" and the film "Future Shock".
  • Timeline
    • This episode indicates that the setting for season 4 occurs in 2005. After the spies see that it is 2025, they realize they have traveled 20 years into the future. Since season 5 starts out with them graduating high school, that makes them 17 in this episode, while their future selves are 37.
    • The day that this episode took place was Wednesday 15 July 2005, but they are in school. They would be on summer vacation by then.
    • 15 July, 2005 was a Friday; not a Wednesday.
  • Samantha's dislike of cheerleading is shown.
  • Beverly Hills High has a cheerleading squad.
  • Mandy Media Enterprises
  • The younger age outfits are seen in:
  • WOOHP building entry
    • "Futureshock!": 3 digit Personal Identification Number
    • "Totally Busted": 5 digit Personal Identification Number
    • Samantha's code is shown to be "136".
  • Mandy’s media empire is similar to the storyline in “Back to the Future” and “What a Way to Go!”. The characters rise from nothing to fame and power.
  • A reference is made to the "15 minutes of fame" phrase.
  • G.L.A.D.I.S. still appears at Jerry's office in the future timeline, even though it is mentioned in Season 5 that she was sent to the WOOHP recycling facility.
  • Sam, Clover, and Alex do not wear their catsuits in this episode.
  • In this episode Clover breaks the fourth wall by looking at the screen and saying "Alex is right. We really can't pull that off anymore."
  • David makes his first appearance since Season 2.
  • In their future versions in this episode, Clover's future self has shoulder length hair, Sam's future self has her hair slightly curled on both sides, and Alex's future self is similar to Carmen's hairstyle in "Totally Busted".
  • This episode gets retconned due to Jerry's daughter Zerlina Lewis taking over in Season 7.


  • Goof: When the 2025 spies are fighting the 2025 Mandy, the back of 2025 Mandy's dress keeps changing from light purple to white.
  • Goof: The pocket on the left side of 2025 Mandy's dress keeps changing from light purple to white.
  • Goof: When the girls hug their older selves, their eye colors are mixed up. The Alex' eyes have turned into blue, Sams' into brown. Only the Clovers' have their eye colors correct in this shot.