A Gadget is a device or item of equipment with which the spies are given to help them in their various missions. They are assigned to the girls following the introductory details to each assignment. Some gadgets are shown once, while others appear often throughout the show, albeit with several variations. A gadget is used at least once throughout the episode, and are often instrumental to the spies' success. A gadget will usually take the form of an inconspicuous feminine or teenage personal item.

On numerous occasions a gadget has malfunctioned, lacked the required power, or been damaged.

Original Gadgets

As seen in "Totally Spies! The Movie", before the girls were spies, the gadgets took the form of gentlemanly items, perfect for Jerry Lewis. They included the Ascending Ascot Cable, Fountain Pen Microphone, and the Monocle Magnifier. However, the design of the gadgets were modified upon the request of Clover, who claimed that "if we're gonna do this whole spy thingy, we're gonna have to do it with some style!"

In the series, Jerry continues to use male gadgets, such as a wallet Compowder and the Laser Fountain Pen.

Samantha, Clover, and Alexandra are given gadgets that are more feminine and better suited for their age.