Game Girls
Air Date April 20, 2002
Season 01
Episode Number 19
Proceeded By Evil Boyfriend
Followed By A Spy is Born I

Game Girls is episode 19 of Season 1.



A disgruntled video game maker creates games that transform the world's leading athletes into data and traps them within a virtual cyber world. The girls get their game on as they try to stop her plan. In a B-story, Alex's new celebrity crush turns out to be a computer generated character. But after she meets the creator of the character, she develops a crush on him.



  • Skip Joystick ("Vide-o-no!") is similiar to Carla Wong ("Game Girls"), both were rejected by the computer/video game industry.
  • The Virtual Reality Disguise Belt the girls use to instantly change their appearance is similar to the upgraded Compowder function.
  • Goof: Jet Rocket Device is spelled Jet Roket Device.
  • Goof: When the girls are first sent into the game one of the other kidnapped girls has the same skin color as Alex before it switches to a darker tone.
  • Goof: Samantha's outfit changes out of nowhere. When she is summoned to Jerry's office with her friends she is shown wearing a long, pink dress. Her outfit inexplicably changes to a top and skirt instead as she leaves for the mission moments later.
  • Goof: When the girls leave for the mission, the rear license plate of the Klunky Incognito Radical Thought Transporter reads "JAMES" while the front one reads "KIRTT". Later in the episode, both plates read "KIRTT". It is possible the name James was placed there as an Easter egg as Jerry Lewis' middle name is James.