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"Celebrity Swipe!"

The Ice Queen Perfume is a a gadget disguised in various types of devices with a spray nozzle.


One of its many variants, the Icy Fresh Nitrogen Breath Spray, was used by Alex against an attack robot in "Celebrity Swipe!". The breath spray has a large range and comes out in a concentrated, blue-tinted fan.

This gadget is a yellow or blue star shaped glass bottle filled with liquid nitrogen which is capable of freezing anything it comes in contact with.



  • References to the rank of queen in “Totally Spies!
  • In the episode "Malled", the girls confront Mandy and, after being insulted, Mandy picks up a store perfume bottle to put in Clover's bag so that she would appear to be shoplifting. The look-alike perfume bottle she picks up looks exactly like the yellow star shaped version of the Ice Queen Perfume.