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Inferior Designer! is episode 14 of Season 6.



When top designers around the world begin disappearing, Jerry puts the girls on it. As the spies investigate, they find that the locations where the designers were last working are now decked out with terribly tacky interior designs. Sam, Clover, and Alex's investigation then leads them to the White House, where they find the official interior designer has been put out of commission and a wildly crazy new designer, Maggie Trendset, has taken over, decorating everything in sight with awful and tacky designs. Can the spies stop Maggie and her aggressive wallpaper and carpet gadgets?!

In the B-story, Clover needs an "A" on her fashion design mid-term project to pass the class.



  • The WOOHP fighting routine:
    • Triple Flying Scissor Kick
  • Mandy uses music and poses from “Vogue“ by Madonna.
  • The title is a reference to interior design.
  • Clover gets the "A" grade in fashion design class.
  • Although Samantha and Alexandra are also taking the class, they do not have to present independent projects for the midterm. It is assumed that they all get A's by teaming up with Clover.
  • Goof: the Taj Mahal is designed wrong.