Laser Lipstick


It is a laser gadget that is disguised as a tube of lipstick and was mainly used for infiltration and breaking free from traps. It was used in Season 1 and Season 2, but after the introduction of the Laser Nail File (a laser gadget disguised as a nail file) at the start of Season 3, it was not used in Season 3 or Season 4. But in Season 5 episode "Evil Gymnasts" (which took place in Europe, along with the next two episodes, "Evil Pizza Guys" and "Evil Shoe Designer"), the gadget returned. The laser is turned on by rotating the bottom base of the lipstick. Jerry uses a Laser Fountain Pen.


In the episode "Malled", it was used by Clover to cut a new opening into a wall after running into a dead end while being chased by two henchmen. It was used by Alex to create an opening in the ceiling under a vent to escape a locked room overfilling with fashionable goods. It was used in that episode by Alex and Clover to activate the Beverly Hills Mall's fire alarm system.




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