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Madison appeared in "First Brat". She is the daughter of the President of the United States of America (POTUS).

The spies are assigned to babysit her while the president and Jerry go on a fishing trip, and her regular nanny, Mrs. Quivers, takes the day off.

Upon first meeting the spies, Madison appears to be well-behaved; but when the president, Jerry, and Quivers all leave, she turns bratty, arrogant, mischievous, and vicious towards them, pranking and defying them at every opportunity. From this, Alex suggests that years of being surrounded by both the Secret Service and the media and forced to adhere to a schedule throughout her daily life have left her desiring freedom to do whatever she wants and have some real fun (which the spies were unintentionally denying her by sticking to her usual schedule), and convinces Clover and Sam that the three should try and come to an understanding with Madison.

But before they can, Madison is kidnapped by an unknown assailant, who demands the release of a certain prisoner in exchange for her safe return. After a failed prisoner exchange at the Washington Memorial, the spies track Madison and her kidnapper down and discover that Quivers is the mastermind behind the whole scheme; the prisoner she wants released is in fact her husband, whom she had been part of a criminal organization with before his capture and imprisonment, and her becoming Madison's nanny was just to manipulate her way into the White House as part of her plan to get him out. When Quivers traps the spies in a death trap, Madison, showing geniune concern for them, pleads with Quivers not to hurt them. Quivers, however, ignores her pleas and has her henchmen (who are also her sons) gag Madison and the three leave with the girl to confront her father.

Upon reaching the lake house where the president and Jerry are fishing, Quivers confronts them and demand that they order the release of her husband or she'll drown Madison in the lake. Before the president can officiate the release however, the spies, having escaped the death trap, interfere and, after a brief chase and fight, rescue Madison, and place Quivers and her sons under arrest.

Later, after the president honors Jerry and the spies for rescuing his daughter, Madison apologizes the spies for her prior behavior and thanks them for rescuing her. She and her father then leave to search for a new nanny.