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Makeda was the main villainess in "Queen for a Day", her goal was to rule over the 2 nations Lyrobia and Kenyopia.


She is the younger sister of Tassara of the African nation of Lyrobia, and was next in line for the throne after her sister. Initially, she seemed kind and genuinely concerned for her sister's safety after the kidnapping attempt with an anti-gravity ray was made on her.

After Makeda and Clover (disguised as the Queen) were kidnapped, Samantha, and Alexandra go to rescue them along with Tassara. But then the spies and the Queen find out that Makeda was behind the whole thing. Princess Makeda explained to them that she had struck a deal with the General of the Kenyopian military to sell her anti-gravity gear to them to make sure they won a war that had been going on between Lyrobia and Kenyopia (also a fictional country) for twenty years. Queen Tassara was to sign a peace treaty with the King of Kenyopia at a peace conference in Geneva, Switzerland, and Makeda wanted to prevent her from signing it. If Kenyopia had won the war, Makeda would have been the Queen of both nations (implying that they were also going to dethrone the King of Kenyopia).

Queen Tassara and the spies manage to stop Makeda and her henchpeople and have them sent to prison, and the spies manage to get Tassara to the peace conference to sign the treaty with the King of Kenyopia.

She was one of the few villains with a non-revenge theme as motivation for her crimes.


A superb actress, her skills in deception prevented anyone from suspecting her to be the mastermind behind the kidnapping attempts and treachery. Makeda pretended to be a kind, loving and caring sister. However, once she successfully kidnapped Tassara and the spies, she revealed her true intentions and was shown to be very proud of it.

Physical Appearance

Makeda has dark skin, light brown eyes, and black hair. She puts her hair in bun that is held in place using a gold band, on both sides of her head, she lets some strands of hair loose. She accessorizes with gold triangle earrings, forearm covering bracelets and a left upper arm bangle. Makeda wears a green halter dress with a gold collar and slit on the left side, gold band on the waist decorated with three small triangles. Her shoes are green heels.


General of Kenyopia

She struck a deal with the general and were working together to overthrow the Kenyopian King. Essentially, they were profiting off each other.



Makeda must've harbored a deep envy towards Tassara seen when she said, "it's time [Tassara] passed the crown." She had no issues tricking Tassara and was smiling when she finally captured her.

Samantha, Clover, Alexandra

Her attitude towards them was initially the same as her sister, pretending to be a good person to not arise suspicions in them. Which worked and frankly, she just wanted them out of the way.


  • Princess Makeda's appearance is a near copy of Princess Jasmine from Disney's "Aladdin" series.
  • Makeda's green outfit bears an uncanny resemblance to that of the Queen of the Southern Sea.