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Jerry with the Multi Function Charm Bracelet.


The Multi Function Charm Bracelet is a gadget that contains dozens of separate devices. The device can be changed by pressing the side button on the top of the unit, and it appears that the bracelet can deploy anywhere from 1 to 10 devices.

When the Gadget appeared in the Season 1 episode "Passion Patties", it was colored pink and named the Multi Purpose Charm Bracelet.

When used in Season 3 and Season 4, it was colored purple and named the Multi Function Charm Bracelet.


The Multi Function Charm Bracelet first appeared in the episode "Passion Patties". The mini dynamite stick in the bracelet was used to blow open a locked door in Inga Bittersweet's factory in Switzerland.

In "Futureshock!", Clover used a drill to hack into WOOHP's security entry after their credentials were removed in the future.

In another appearance in "Spy Soccer", Clover used a knife to cut herself and Sam free from ropes. It was used again to cut the inside of the soccer ball containing the mind-controlling microchip.

It appeared once again in "Totally Icky!". Clover used the mini slicer to cut open a box that she was trapped inside. She then struggled to find a tool to open a locked door, and in a last ditch attempt, she attempted to open door with a nail file. It broke, and the bracelet was not used again.