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Myrna Beesbottom is a member of LAMOS and was a former WOOHP agent. She was the girls’ rather strict nanny in Season 3 episode "Space Much?".

Her next appearance was in "Evil Valentine's Day" where she tried to marry Jerry Lewis so she could take over WOOHP, having turned evil after getting fired from her job as the girls' nanny. However, the wedding is called off when Samantha uncovers the truth. It was also in this episode Myrna revealed she has “over 30 years of experience” in WOOHP (suggesting she is around Jerry’s age and in her late 40s or early 50s). 

She also made several appearances in Season 4 as a member of LAMOS, having broken out of prison. In "The Dream Teens", she created plasma based androids to be the new boyfriends of the spies and drain them of their energy. The androids mission was to eliminate the spies, Jerry, and WOOHP. She was arrested, along with Tim Scam, in the episode "Evil Jerry".

Despite her obese build, Myrna is very strong and extremely agile, and she specialized in Ninjutsu training. She was an expert with the Shuriken and the martial art of Shurikenjutsu.