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Power Yoga Much? is episode 22 of Season 3.



The Spies investigate when people begin disappearing and are shocked to discover that a figure from their past and an associate of Power Yoga Chi-(Tae)kwondo is responsible. But the mission to stop the cult takes a turn for the worse when Sam becomes the group's latest victim, turning against her friends. It's now up to Clover, Alex, Jerry, and the entire WOOHP team to stop the group from abducting more people and destroying the Kung fu Fondue studio. In a b-story, Sam's climbing phobia is threatening to ruin her GPA.



  • Same Beverly Hills High teacher
  • Same couple seen
  • Beverly Hills High has a "The Development for Overly Remedial Kids Class (DORK)".
  • All of the WOOHP agents are fought to a draw/stalemate by Shirley and her followers. Alex and Clover defeat Shirley by relying on their gadgets. Jerry defeats a brainwashed Sam by using the environment to his advantage. The regular WOOHP agents are fought to a draw/stalemate or defeated.
  • Clover makes a reference to Cirque du Freak and/or Cirque du Soleil.
  • Clover makes a reference to "Planet of the Hunks" about her diary.
  • This is the only episode where the girls are not seen wearing the high-heeled boots. Instead, they are seen wearing normal, low-heeled boots.
  • The gymnastics teacher in this episode strongly resembles Guile from the "Street Fighter" video game series.
  • G.L.A.D.I.S. gains a new hobby: magic tricks. When she hands out gadgets to the spies in this episode, she does so as if performing various introductory level magic tricks such a pulling a rabbit out of a hat; but instead of a rabbit she pulls out the Black Belt and other gadgets.
  • This is the first time the girls wore disguises because of dealing with someone they know on the mission.
  • Goof: Clover says "Give it up, Cheryl!" despite the villain being their former instructor, Shirley.