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In the late 1990's a prototype pilot episode has been produced for "Totally Spies!".



There was no clear plot given that it was a B-roll from one of prototypes. One scene shows Alex driving a yellow sports car and Sam shooting a rocket on the bridge by mistake. Later, a military base explodes and the 3 spies are being rescued by a helicopter. The spies are also seen riding a Jet Ski and shooting water with a hose.

In the b-story, Sam, Alex, and Clover are arguing at the mall.



  • Pilot episodes like this were often used to sell the show to the television networks and to be a testing ground for the show to potentially take off. Although this was never fully aired on television, portions of the pilot were seen on a Fox Kids promo for the series in Europe when it premiered. Despite the different style used for the show, the producers decided to use a better animation technique for Season 1. The film "Sin City" used a similar technique. A short film was created to sell the studio on the idea.
  • Alexandra doesn't seem to be Hispanic. She could've been Japanese.
  • The origins of this plot may have been reused in latter seasons.
  • Originally Samantha was the laidback and not so bright member of the group, Clover being materialistic and Alex being the older sister and intelligent member.

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