Queen for a Day is episode 12 of Season 1.



The girls travel to the African nation of Lyrobia to investigate a strange kidnapping attempt on Queen Tassara of Lyrobia - an attempt made with an anti-gravity ray! After Clover, disguised as Tassara, is kidnapped from the palace during a party, the girls and the real Tassara go to save her (and the Queen's younger sister, Princess Makeda, who was assumed to be kidnapped as well).

The spies and Queen Tassara eventually discover that Makeda's the kidnapper, and she wants to keep her older sister from a signing a peace treaty with the King of Kenyopia (a neighboring country) so that a twenty-year war will continue, and she will sell her anti-gravity guns to Kenyopia, helping them win the war. In this way, she will become the queen of both countries due to a deal she had made with the General of the Kenyopian military. In the end, Tassara and the spies stop Makeda and have her arrested (along with the rest of the people involved), and the spies get Tassara to sign the peace treaty with the King of Kenyopia in Geneva, Switzerland.

In the B-story, Clover and Mandy compete for the title of Homecoming Queen (which Clover wins, thanks to Arnold).


Villain Gadget

  • Highly Sensitive Earthquake Generator


  • References to the rank of queen in “Totally Spies!
  • Alex states that Clover got a D in her astronomy class. In "Alex Gets Schooled", this has improved to the A or B grade.
  • Given Alex's similar skin tone and appearance to the queen, she would have made a more logical choice to impersonate Queen Tassara than Clover.
  • Goof: When the spies and Tassara escape from the bomb before it explodes, Clover is seen in her catsuit, despite having not changed into it yet. When they land in the mud, she's back in her queen disguise.


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