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The season premiered with episode 1 on May 12. This is followed by episode 7 a week later on May 19th.

No episodes were aired from July 7th until further notice, most likely because of the summer time,


The season takes place 6-12 months after the previous season, where Sam, Alex and Clover haven't been on a mission for that time. Jerry Lewis is now retired, with a new character Zerlina Lewis taking his place as president of WOOHP.

The series takes place in Singapore, in a new university called AIYA because "it could be a fairly emblematic center of technology". Other new characters include Toby, who handles the gadgets for the spies and Mei Lin works at the Bubble Spy Cafe. Characters like Mandy and Jerry will return.

There are also new antagonists that will appear, including an overarching villain called Cyberchac, who uses his gadgets to try to invade WOOHP, with their mission to uncover his identity before he succeeds in fulfilling his plan. Various villains from the previous seasons will also make their return.

Bye bye Beverly Hills. Sam, Alex, and Clover arrive in Singapore, the most high-tech city in the world! Living in a studio above the Bubble Spy Café, the bubble tea café where their new friend Mei Lin works, they now attend the AIYA (Asian-International Youth Academy) and attend the elite training program of the WHOOP World, the ultimate headquarters of WOOHP. But in the midst of the digital monsters that invade the city and the revolts of household appliances, an even darker threat weighs on the WOOHP.


Number Number Title Airing Date
1 1 Pandapocolypse May 12, 2024
3 3 Totally Talented May 26, 2024
4 4 Invasion of big sticky critters June 2, 2024
5 5 Old-fashioned spies June 23, 2024
6 6 Warning: This is not a Test June 16, 2024
7 7 When it's too much, it's Troll! May 19, 2024
8 8 Cheese and Honeymoon June 9, 2024
10 10 TBA TBA
11 11 Cat-Pardoners Alert June 30, 2024
12 12 TBA TBA
13 13 TBA TBA
14 14 TBA TBA
15 15 TBA TBA
16 16 TBA TBA
17 17 TBA TBA
18 18 TBA TBA
19 19 TBA TBA
20 20 TBA TBA
21 21 TBA TBA
22 22 TBA TBA
23 23 TBA TBA
24 24 TBA TBA
25 25 TBA TBA
26 26 TBA TBA


In February 2022, Thomas Astruc and a lot of reliable sources have confirmed on their Twitter/X accounts that a new season of Totally Spies! is in the works, subtitled as "WOOHP World". It would be produced by Zodiak Kids (formerly Marathon media), Discovery Kids Latam and Ollenom Studio and would premiere in 2023.

Head writers and executive producers Robert and Michelle Lamoreaux did not return to production as head writers, due to moving onto other works, though they would continue to write for the show in episodes such as “Invasion of big sticky critters”. Series director Stephane Berry however did return after being absent from the previous season. Benoit Di Sabatino and Gary Milne took the place of new executive producers. Jess Kedward and Kirsty Peart takes the place of the new head writers in this season.

The season is fully animated in 2D, because it is "too costly" to do CGI due to the constantly-changing backgrounds that are visited in the spies' world missions and their varying casual outfits in different episodes.

It would be confirmed later in 2022 that Season 7 would be a continuation of the previous seasons and not a reboot, and will have 26 episodes. It would also take place in a new city and with new antagonists.

There was some backlash about Clover's hairstyle at that stage of production, but that was changed starting with MIPCOM, where her hairstyle is now closer to her designs in previous seasons. Four characters, such as the returning Jerry Lewis, and unnamed characters later revealed to be Toby, Zerlina Lewis, and Mei Lin would appear in the season.

All three original English voice actresses of Sam, Alex, and Clover will not return to Season 7 confirmed via an Instagram interview, which was later revealed due to Banijay not wanting to pay union rates. Jennifer Hale has expressed interest in returning in interviews. The French cast were confirmed to reprise their roles.

In March 2023, Season 7 was delayed to 2024 for unknown reasons, but was confirmed that Somewhere Animation was being bought in to the season's production. A month later, Warner Bros Discovery acquired the rights to Season 7 to air on Cartoon Network in the US and EMEA regions.

On May 22, 2023, a storyboard animatic was uploaded on Ludvoic Gaudin's Vimeo account, but was taken down sometime after. In June 2023, it was confirmed in an interview with Benoit Di Sabatino that the main location in Season 7 will be a university in Singapore because "it could be a fairly emblematic center of technology". A teaser trailer of Season 7 was posted in September, showing a new logo design and confirming that the drones will appear.

In March 2024, further information of Season 7 were partially leaked by upcoming book listings by Bayard Junessse. Which are adaptations of "Pandapocolypse", "Totally Talented" and an unknown episode. Further information would be fully unveiled in April 2023, where there will be an overarching antagonist, and would premiere in France first in May.

Season 7 premiered on May 12, 2024 on Gulli in France, and will be airing on Cartoon Network along with the streaming service Max later in 2024. On May 22, 2024, the English titles for the first two aired episodes were leaked via a YouTube copyright system.


  • The Jetpack Backpack design is similar to the flight mechanisms of the Air Glide System, Energy Wing System, Float System, parawings, and racing wings.
  • This is new of recording studio in Los Angeles, California in the United States America by VSI Los Angeles in Season 7.
  • The series will now take place in a new College now called AIYA, it is unknown what will happen to Malibu University. AIYA, the name of the new university, is a term of Chinese origin, used to express dismay, exasperation, or surprise. This likely reflects the local linguistics which incorporates many different languages into the chiefly used English, particularly Chinese ones.
  • To assist with precision and authenticity of Singapore's representation, Singaporean screenwriter, voice artist and cultural consultant Elaine Chiew was brought on to the production. It was confirmed in an interview with Benoit Di Sabatino that the main location in Season 7 will be a university in Singapore because "it could be a fairly emblematic center of technology".
  • This is the first season:
  • This is the second season:
    • To be produced in widescreen 16:9 ratio, following by Season 6.
    • Where the art style is not in line with the visual style utilized in previous seasons.
      • Unlike Season 6, which only had minor adjustments to the style, this season features a more drastic reinvention of the style.
      • The animation is also different, featuring rigged animation for this season as opposed to the traditional animation of the previous seasons and movie. Some elements are also done in 3D CGI.
        • Some of the more stylised parts and elements are still traditionally animated.
  • Although previous seasons like Season 5 experimented with multi-episode plots and storylines, this is the first truly serialized season, featuring an overarching villain: Cyberchac.
  • The reception of the season was very good, which allowed Season 8 to be greenlit.



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