Soul Collector
Air Date May 18, 2002
Season 01
Episode Number 22
Proceeded By Passion Patties
Followed By Malled

Soul Collector is episode 22 of Season 1.



Several students are discovered to have been mysteriously drained of their youth. They retain youthful, albeit slightly wizened bodies, but have the chemical composition and actions of octogenarians. The girls investigate and come across the principal's diary which he has kept since the 13th century (1287 Common Era), thus learning that the school's principal is in fact a centenarian.

He has maintained his youthful physique by absorbing the youth of his juvenile fellows, using the 3 Jewels of Sumatra, to keep himself immortal. When he chooses Alex as his next victim, Sam and Clover are obliged to collaborate in order to stop him and his accomplices from gaining immortality.

In a B-story, Mandy spots a gray hair on Sam, and Sam gets scared that she may be prematurely aging. It later turns out that the gray hair was actually just a streak of gray paint that Sam got while she was working on an art project using gray paint. Then, the results of the Youth Spirit contest are announced. However, much to the surprise of the spies, Mandy and her two best friends, Dominique and Caitlin, the winner turns out to be Mrs. Markle, their school's elderly lunch lady.



  • Similiar tunnels to the WOOHPed system are seen in 2 episodes.
  • Clover obtains concert tickets by using a parody of the six degrees of separation social network.
  • Beverly Hills High has a football team.
  • Smith's name is a reference to the common alias of "Smith" and/or "Jones".
  • The Jewels of Sumatra are destroyed by the overload.
  • This episode marks the first villain death.
  • Richard Horvitz guest stars as the voice of Theodore, one of the children. Mark Hamill voiced John Smith.
  • Goof: when Alex was kidnapped, she had her catsuit on, but after her youth was drained, she had a tracksuit instead of her catsuit.
  • Goof: when the spies leave to investigate the British school, it is called Ravenstone Boys School, however the students are both girls and boys.
  • Goof: When Alex notices that the gray/grey hair on Sam's head is gone she said she warned Sam not to pull it out but it was really Clover who warned Sam.
  • Goof: When Clover is a lunch lady at one point part of her hat is colored the same as her hair.