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Spies in Space is episode 22 of Season 4.



The spies are sent to the moon to rescue a boy band called the Alpha Centauris. It's revealed that the villain is actually Ziggy, the leader of the band, who wanted to get rid of his two bandmates, Supernova and Blackhole, and start a solo career. But Ziggy's defeated by the spies and they perform his part in the band's concert.

In the B-story, because of her brilliant grades, Sam's offered immediate graduation, but after the mission, she tells Alex and Clover that she's decided to graduate with them and the rest of their classmates.



  • The Beverly Hills High principal's last name is Vegan. He makes a negative remark about Clover's scores despite her high grades in "Alex Gets Schooled".
  • A female Principal Vegan is seen in "Silicon Valley Girls".
  • Although Sam's academic results are the highest in the school's history, Beverly Hills High chose Arnold Jackson to be the valedictorian in "Evil Graduation". When Sam was notified she could graduate early, Sam responded that she still had to write her valedictory speech.
  • The computer Sam used to see colleges was a "Vaio".
  • This is the last episode where the credits have a character talk in front of the audience. For this case, Sam provided one for this episode.