Air Date August 8, 2002
Season 02
Episode Number 01
Proceeded By Man or Machine
Followed By I Want My Mummy

Starstruck is episode 1 of Season 2.



When the famous TV star Tad Bailey goes missing, the spies plead with Jerry to let them investigate. A insane woman named Lenore Von Schram mistakes the TV show for reality and plans on murdering Sinestro, the villain on the show, and Clover, who played Sinestro's daughter, Gwendolyn, as a disguise. Moreover, Lenore intends to marry the TV show hero.

In the B-story, Clover endeavors to become a media star.



  • At the end of the episode:
    • Clover is written off the show.
    • Tad is bald.
    • Wilhelm has quit.
  • Mandy and the girls find out that actor Tad Bailey goes missing through Mandy's issue of "Entertainment Hourly". This is a reference to the real-life magazine "Entertainment Weekly".
  • The soap opera that this episode centers around is called "Days of Our Spies". This is a reference to the real life soap opera "Days of our Lives".