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Super Agent Much? is episode 15 of Season 3.



Sam and Alex confront Clover about slacking off during their missions. After losing track of Clover on their next mission, they find she has single handedly defeated the villain. Suddenly, Clover is beginning to act very differently. Her spy skills keep getting better and better. When Sam and Alex investigate, they find out that Geraldine, leader of rival agency SPI, has secretly modified Clover into a super agent so she can recruit her for SPI.

In a b-story, Clover's social life is wrecked when she becomes a super agent.



  • Beverly Hills High has the following:
    • Cheerleadering Team
    • Chess Club
    • Club Joiners Club
    • Fashion Club
    • Popularity Club
    • School Spirit Club
  • The design of Clover's electromagnetic pulse weapon is very similiar to the Quick Slick seen in "Morphing Is Sooo 1987".
  • The Spider Claw is very similiar to the Cat Fight Glove seen in "Stuck in the Middle Ages with You".
  • The technical drawing on Clover's desk is very similiar to the mind-machine interface seen in "Computer Creep Much?"
  • WOOHP has a "Hundredth Villain Caught" award.
  • This episode shows the saying of "Be careful what you wish for, because it might come true." Sam and Alex are first dismayed with Clover's lackluster performance, then they are dismayed when Clover becomes a super agent.
  • Clover has not been to the mall in weeks, since her club activities have been so numerous.
  • Gretchen Bateman has been wearing her father's neckties as belts.
  • Clover's natural skills are greatly heightened to superhuman levels. She thus gains abilities such as superhuman strength, speed, flexibility, durability, agility, reflexes, endurance, stamina, and enhanced jumping capability.
  • A Martin Mystery look-alike made a cameo appearance, along with his stepsister Diana, his rival Marvin, and his love interest Jenni. He did not wear his signature jacket.
  • During the fight with Sam and Alex, Clover had heterochromia iridum due to her bionic modifications. Her eyes return to normal after been electrocuted.
  • Goof: Alex praises the school for finally opening a sushi bar, when in fact, her and Sam were also eating sushi at school in "Planet of the Hunks".