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Super Mega Dance Party Yo! is episode 4 of Season 6.



When preparing to watch their fave TV dance competition show, "Super Mega Dance Party Yo!", Sam, Clover and Alex are stoked, especially 'cause they think the host, Brick Wavebreak, is way cute! But before they can, Jerry informs them that three of the world's top dancers have been reported missing! The spies check it out and come up with a weird clue that indicates that a villain with just 1 leg is involved. And when they return to school, things get even crazier when they discover that "Super Mega Dance Party Yo!" is holding auditions on campus and Alex is chosen to be on the show! Unfortunately, when Alex ends up missing just like the other dancers, Sam and Clover discover that Brick is to blame. Having been, quite literally, born with two left feet (which explains the freaky clue they found earlier), Brick's never been a good dancer himself and is searching for a right foot to steal and make his own as revenge!

In a B-story, the girls have to deal with having a new, very enthusiastic roommate.