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The Dusk of Dawn is episode 10 of Season 6.



Strange disruptions around Beverly Hills prompt Jerry to have Sam, Clover and Alex check things out. And when they do, they find that 2 otherworldly men are battling it out in the streets, searching for a mythical Heart of Grentoid. Alex immediately knows what this means. Somehow 2 characters, Cheston and Durlock, have escaped from her favorite movie, "The Dusk of Dawn!", and brought their feud to the real world! It's up to the spies to save Beverly Hills and get these battling warriors back into their movie.

In the B-story, Alex meets her real-life movie hero, but ultimately realizes they are from 2 different worlds, literally.



  • The same robot is seen in:
  • The title is a parody of the film "From Dusk till Dawn".
    • Both Cheston and Durlock are the parody version of the Gecko brothers, Seth and Richie.
  • Prior to the episode, Alex has seen "The Dusk of Dawn" movie 12 times, but could not decide who to side with. The first 6 times she was on Team Durlock, and the next 6 times she was on Team Cheston. This resembles the fandom of the Twilight series where fans have supported Team Edward or Team Jacob.
  • The woman from the gym in ”Totally Spies! The Movie” appears.
  • A billboard Durlock was standing resembles the classical movie "Gone with the Wind".
  • Alex has sat in the same seat at the theater that it has molded to her body, and has cosplayed characters from the film.
  • It turns out that Sam is one of the "good girls" who fall in love with "bad boys".