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The Iceman Cometh is episode 25 of Season 1.



Dr. Gelee plans to freeze the world and return it to the Ice Age in order to wipe out the harm that humans have done to the environment. In the B-story, Clover confronts her reputation as an “Ice Queen” after turning down the invitation of a boy because of his looks and social status.



  • References to the rank of queen in “Totally Spies!
  • Beverly Hills High has a chess club. The president is Daryl.
  • Gelee's minions use the same design of the fighters from "Spy Gladiators".
  • Clover gets sick and gets a cold/fever/flu from the lower temperatures.
  • Clover crowned herself Little Miss Sunshine in second grade.
  • The title is a reference to "The Iceman Cometh".
  • This episode was originally produced for the show's second season, according to its production code, but aired during the first season's initial run.
  • Goof: When Alex first falls in the snow at the North Pole her eyes are colored green.


  • Ah! Ahhh! Achoo! (echoes in a mountain) -- Clover
  • Thanks for the tip, Achoo! -- Clover