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The Show Must Go On... Or Else is episode 19 of Season 5.



After having dated too many dumb jocks, Clover takes a theater class at Malibu University to meet more artistic men. However, people around campus start acting as fictional characters. Anyone who is in the play starts to act as their character both on and off of the stage. Is there something more to this than just method acting?

In the B-story, Clover takes a theater class to meet artistic boys.



  • Sam and Alex state that Milton used to direct plays on Off-Off-Off-Broadway. This is a parody of the Broadway theatre levels.
  • Alex's 3 S's
    • Sand
    • Sun
    • Surf
  • Alexandra's elderly disguise is seen.
  • The same theme music is heard in:
  • Malibu University has a course named Theater 101.
  • Sam tells Virgil that Halloween, on October 31, is 5 months away.
  • Milton Bard's name is a play on Marlon Brando and the word bard.
  • A poster in Milton's office is a reference to the Rat Pack.
  • The title is a reference to the song "The Show Must Go On".
  • When Clover talks about acting as a femme fatale, a scene is shown of her in a black wig and dress lying on a bed like the cover picture in the film "Pulp Fiction".