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The Suavest Spy is episode 19 of Season 4.



A teenage jewel thief is planning a jewelry heist on the night Venus aligns with the other planets, including Earth. The girls unfortunately fall for his dashing good looks, but realize after failing to catch him, they must put his handsomeness behind them and beat him at his own game.

In the B-story, Sam won the science fair and now most of the nerds in Beverly High are chasing after her, demanding she sign t-shirts that have her face on them.



  • Beverly Hills High has a Science Fair.
    • Sam wins first prize.
  • The girls muffin preferences are revealed.
    • Alex: all natural bran
    • Clover: poppy seed
    • Sam: chocolate chip
  • Sam wears the same white dress.
  • Miss Jones seen
  • Sam mentions that she has taken tango lessons. Her decision could have been motivated by her lack of dancing skill in "Head Shrinker Much?"
  • The spies fight over a contraband necklace and a rose.
  • Katz only works when there is a new moon and the Earth is aligned with Venus for total darkness.
  • Goof: When the girls are at the science fair there is a brief frame where Alex's mouth disappears.
  • Goof: When Priscilla is signing T-shirts, the lower half of her body is missing from under the table.
  • Jerry breaks the 4th wall by looking at the audience and saying "Teenagers!" in disappointment, unless he was talking to himself.