The Yuck Factor
Air Date August 15, 2002
Season 02
Episode Number 04
Proceeded By Evil Hair Salon
Followed By It's How You Play the Game

The Yuck Factor is episode 4 of Season 2.



After noticing that their boss is acting very strangely, the spies discover that an evil scientist named Dr. V has taken over Jerry's brain. They end up being shrunk to micro-size and enter Jerry's body in a micro-sub, as in the film "Fantastic Voyage".

In the B-story, Alexandra tries to avoid the frog dissection project in her biology class.


Villian Gadget


  • Exact copies of the WOOHP Prison cells are seen in:
  • In "The Yuck Factor" Jerry says that his mother wanted him to be a hotel manager. In "Mommies Dearest" Jerry told his mother that he is a hotel manager.
  • Jerry is allergic to blueberries.