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Tim Scam is a supervillain and one of the series' main antagonists. A former agent of WOOHP, he has great skill in combat, espionage, and weapons development. Scam has repeatedly shown himself to be one of the spies' most dangerous enemies.


Tim Scam is a former WOOHP employee who was fired for illegal use of weaponry. He seeks to get revenge on the organization as a result.

He was introduced in "The New Jerry", in which he kidnapped Jerry Lewis and replaced him to use WOOHP for his scheme. Samantha also developed a strong crush on him before she discovered he was her enemy. It can also be noted that in the Spanish version of the same episode, during the scene where Sam discovers Scam's true identity and he stuns her with the Immobilizing Stun Tan Lotion while she's running away, he says, "Por que tienes tanta prisa, linda?" which in English means "Why are you in such a hurry, beautiful?" This could just be because Spanish is a very romantic language to begin with, but to have Scam come right out and call Samantha "beautiful" when he's never said anything of the sort to any of the other spies provides some key evidence that Scam has a romantic interest in her as well.

In "Mommies Dearest" he attempted to get revenge on the girls by brainwashing their mothers into nearly killing their daughters. In "Morphing Is Sooo 1987" Tim attempted to destroy WOOHP using liquid metal Scamlar robots capable of mimicking the appearance of others by copying a person's DNA simply after touching them. Tim reappeared in Season 4 and became a member of the LAMOS (League Aiming to Menace and Overthrow Spies), headed by Terrence Lewis.

Tim Scam is highly intelligent. He originally developed the Evapoblaster, a heat ray capable of evaporating the Earth's oceans, while working for WOOHP. Unlike the majority of the show's other villains, who typically plan crimes around a single "theme" based on an event from their past; Scam comes across as completely sane (albeit sociopathic). Also, unlike the other villains, whose plans generally involve indulging in their twisted obsessions (e.g. brainwashing, transforming people, and/or taking them as a consort to sit beside them in power), Tim goes straight for the kill, literally.

In his introductory episode, Scam reveals his reason for turning on WOOHP. While his file indicates that he was fired for illegal use of WOOHP technology, Scam tells Sam, Clover, and Alex quote, “WOOHP never appreciated me for the genius that I am,” revealing some bitterness towards the agency and Jerry Lewis for how he was treated during his career working with them. In the German dub of the same episode (“Der Neue Jerry“), he says that his “work was not properly acknowledged by the organization” indicating instead that there may have been some misunderstanding or mix-up that led to him being fired instead of sheer wrongdoing on his part.

In ”The Fugitives” and ”Return of Geraldine” Jerry is proven guilty of having such misunderstandings when it comes to his agents as he passes immediate preliminary judgement when the spies are accused of a crime instead of reasoning through facts and thinking of other options. A co-worker could have stolen the credit for an invention from Scam. When Scam discovered this theft and complained to Jerry, the co-worker counterattacked with a verbal accusation that exploited Jerry's flawed judgement and exploited Scam's need to hold a vendetta. After being fired, Scam could easily have gotten revenge by creating his own corporation and spreading rumors of Jerry's behavior but perhaps by then he was too angry and upset to formulate any rational plan for a comeback. In "Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace" Finis Valorum is voted out in part because of the unfounded rumors that have damaged his credibility.


Personality wise, Scam comes across as witty, cocky, and a little rude as he often teases the spies with sarcastic comments just to get them riled up, as seen in "Morphing Is Sooo 1987". He also refers to G.L.A.D.I.S. as a "metallic piece of trash" in the same episode upon their first meeting.

But in spite of mostly acting in a inconsiderate manner, Scam has shown some regard for other people's feelings most notably in the episode "The New Jerry". After Samantha reveals her crush on him, despite having her trapped and having the clear opportunity to laugh at her over her feelings for him (her enemy) especially now that his plan is close to reaching fruition, he doesn't humiliate her. Instead he chooses to say nothing about the matter and lets her get her confession out of her system without commenting on it at all. He also never once came back and nagged her about her crush in a later episode. However, as he has only acted in this way explicitly in just one out of his many appearances and that too with only one person, it's questionable if that determines that Scam genuinely can care for others' feelings or if the understanding he showed Sam was just restricted to her for her feelings for him as he never passed up any other opportunity after that to ridicule anyone when given the chance; even Sam just not about the feelings she had for him. 

Scam, as also seen in "The New Jerry", has excellent control over his emotions and his body language. Scam has also been shown to be able to effortlessly think on his feet. For example in ”The New Jerry”, he comes up with no less than 2 more plans to eliminate the spies right on the spot after his first plan falls apart.

When taken by surprise, as seen in "Mommies Dearest" and "Morphing Is Sooo 1987", he quickly downplays the shock or uses sarcasm to project the appearance of control.

Scam warrants himself to be attentive and alert, often catching onto things that others miss. One example of this is found in "I Hate The Eighties" where Scam informs Boogie Gus that he failed to hit all of the spies with his Eightifier; a fact which both Boogie Gus who fired the ray, and Terrence who was watching the same live video feed, missed entirely.

Additionally, while working with the LAMOS, Scam insulted every other member of the team at least once over their proposed plans to eliminate the spies, proving himself to be someone who is somewhat condescending and very difficult to impress. He was also the first to state that LAMOS was pronounced "lame-os", thus making fun of Terrence's efforts in coming up with what he had believed was a great name for his new team.

Scam also seems to be somewhat into style and fashion; or at least has some personal taste and ideas on how men should dress and carry themselves. He found the purple and yellow suit that Boogie Gus wore in “I Hate The Eighties” to be only fit for a “costume party”. He is seen looking at his reflection in a mirror and giving himself a once-over while smiling in approval while he dons a Spacesuit in ”The New Jerry”. Additionally, he told the spies that “a little style never hurt” in “Morphing Is Sooo 1987”. This could be a remnant of his WOOHP career as he could have been influenced by Jerry's professional dress code requirements. In “Wild Style”, Jerry mocks Clover's shoes. In “Evil Promotion Much?“ he agrees with Clover that Samantha quote, “looks like a couch” in her new outfit.



Scam's Age

  • Scam seems to be a clear victim of Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome and/or a Floating Timeline (seen also with Archie Goodwin, Golgo 13, Maximilian Jenius, Max Sterling, Milia Fallyna Jenius, Miriya Parina Sterling, Modesty Blaise, Naomi Wildman, Shane Schofield, Sharon Carter, "The Secret Storm") as his canon age is dubious despite being stated. While supposedly determined to be in his early thirties in his first appearance in “The New Jerry”, evidence is provided in the very same episode to suggest that is not his real age. For example, during the flashback of Scam being fired, a scene supposedly from 20 years ago, Jerry Lewis looks identically the same as he does in the present; aged, wrinkled, and balding. Scam too appears to look exactly the same in the clip of his “past” as he does while he is remembering it. This makes no sense as if the clip had really been from two decades ago, both Scam and Jerry should have looked visibly younger or visibly older in their present.While it can be argued that spies age slowly for some reason (the spy gene perhaps) and that is why Scam and Jerry haven't aged since then, this argument is not really valid as later episodes prove that characters do in fact visibly age. This fact is backed up by proof from later episodes where in “I Hate The Eighties” Jerry is shown looking a lot younger with a full head of blonde hair and almost no wrinkles when he is affected by Boogie Gus' Eightifier and made to look like his 1980's self. As the show's setting is based on the 1990's and 2000's the way Jerry appears in “I Hate The Eighties” is how he should have looked in Scam's flashback as that is how he would have looked in 1980 or, 20 or so years ago. Additionally in “Futureshock!”, Sam, Clover, and Alex meet their future selves from 20 years into the future and all three appear evidently older than their present selves. If spies didn't age as fast as regular people then these transformations would not have taken place either as they so did. It is most likely that the writers ignored true aging in order to make Tim Scam's first plan to pose as Mac Smit realistic. In order to make it so that it made sense why no one at WOOHP recognized Scam they chose to make him come back after twenty years, when most of the agents that would have known and worked with him would either be at different posts or no longer at WOOHP instead of only after two to three years (which is a lot likely more towards when Scam was truly fired judging by a complete lack of any apparent aging on both his and Jerry's part) because had they chosen to make him attempt to pose as another man only after that short of a interval it would not have logically worked. Scam would have easily been recognized as Tim Scam, having been their colleague in the past and because Scam did not alter his appearance in any way or don a disguise except perhaps wear brown contact lenses which would not have been, in any way enough to convince those that knew him that he was an entirely different man.Additionally, judging by the fact that Tim Scam broke out of jail on at least 5 occasions in the span of 4 seasons and came up with at least four elaborate revenge plans, it is not likely again that he was indeed locked up twenty years ago. It is made obvious to viewers that Scam is a character capable of developing plans very quickly (proven by his being the most reoccurring villain) so it is highly improbable that he would have sat around in prison and waited 20 years to start his “Mac Smit” plot when over the course of the show he crafted much more detailed and meticulous revenge plots on a shorter notice. Even if the show’s seasons are taken to be 1 year apart, that means that Scam created a total of 4 plots in 4 years, again making it hard to believe that it would have taken him a full 2 decades to complete his first. Based on the stated discrepancies and mistakes it is reasonable to say that Scam was probably not fired a full twenty years ago as claimed but only a few years ago instead, and that he could easily not be in his early thirties but somewhere in his twenties. It is also very possible that Scam was fired 20 years ago but is still in his late 20's - early 30's in “The New Jerry” as while the spies in Totally Spies were in their mid-late teens when they started their spy careers, in the “The Amazing Spiez!” (Totally Spies' spinoff show), Jerry recruits much younger agents (10-12 years of age). Since Scam is highly intelligent and a scientific genius, it is more than possible he was a child prodigy and worked for Jerry at a very young age, after all, little is known about his past and how long he worked at WOOHP; all we know was when he was apparently fired. While the flashback of Scam being fired doesn't show him to appear 10-11 years old, the flashback, as earlier stated, can hardly be seen as credible as the Scam in the flashback looks identical to Tim Scam in his first appearance; an appearance which was supposedly 20 years after the scene in the flashback. Again Scam seems to more correctly be, at most in his early thirties or mid twenties. Lastly, in the episode “Mommies Dearest”, upon coming out of her hypnotized state and seeing Scam, Alex's mother Carmen says he seems like a “nice, young man” and suggests he'd be a good match for her daughter who she wants to help find a boyfriend. Alex is the youngest in the trio of spies, the fact that her mother thought Scam was fit for her daughter pretty much puts to rest that Scam is very much older than Sam or any of the girls, especially seeing Alex only denies Scam being a “nice man” and not a “young one.”
  • Debate about Scam's age:
    • It was said that Scam was in his thirties. How does that make him 35+? Scam doesn't look 40, doesn't act 40 and doesn't seem 40 in any way. Also this thing about him having worked at WOOHP 20 years ago makes no sense. Then again Scam is a genius so it's possible he worked there while he was very young, it can happen, it is not impossible. As we have seen Jerry watches prospective spies from a very early age.
    • What confuses me is in Tim's flash back “twenty years ago” we see Jerry not looking much younger. Yet in the episode we hate the eighties (or something similar) when Jerry is de-aged to twenty years younger he looks much younger than that. So I think they messed up his aging. I always saw Tim as about 9-10 years older than Sam.
    • Don't worry they will have their movie designs, as for his flash back, Tim didn't look much younger either plus Jerry is in his 60s as future Sam Alex and Clover show you spying ages you fast when your old, Sam Alex and Clover were young when they started spying and are still young now so they still look cute, their 2025 selves on the other hand..... But Jerry was already old when he started woohp, ok 30s might not be old old but in the 80s while Jerry looked great for 40 he was still 40 and maybe extreme spying aged him even faster in the 80s so that when Tim had his flash back we see current Jerry. As for Scam not aging he must of always looked that old.
    • I'm sorry; I don't understand that argument. From what you're suggesting, you're saying that both Jerry and Tim Scam aged relatively slowly ever since their appearances in Tim's flashback, and prior to that Jerry aged extremely rapidly in between when he founded WOOHP and when he fired Scam. That still doesn't put to bed the fact that Jerry still doesn't appear significantly older in “I Hate The 80's” than he does in “Forward To The Past”, even though the 80's episode occurred "10" years after Jerry founded WOOHP in “Forward To The Past”. Seeing that the "20 years ago" claim was given less than a minute of exposure in a single episode, while a completely different setting features as a major theme in 2 episodes and in yet another recurring villain's personal background (Boogie Gus), it should be fair to say that in “The New Jerry”, which was only the 2nd episode of Totally Spies ever, the writers of the show were still trying to figure out how things would work, and they apparently decided to scrap that initial storyline.

Scam and Sam

  • Tim Scam's name is interesting for being a villain as Timothy translates to “honouring God”, “in God's honour”, or “honoured by God”. It could a reference to the fact that he believes himself superior to others, or that he has been proven to be superior than other villains, but was “Scammed” of the honor he wanted from WOOHP. As a criminal, he is “Scamming” “God” (WOOHP/Jerry/Justice System) of honor. Using this comparison, Scam could be seen as a fallen angel. His turn to crime would follow the quote: “It is better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.”
  • Tim Scam shares yet another interesting link with Samantha with regards to the meanings of their first names. One meaning of the name Samantha when derived from Greek is “flower” but the other meaning for it is “God’s listener” while Timothy means “God’s honour”.
  • Tim Scam and Samantha also seem to have a shared aversion towards household chores. In “Mommies Dearest” Scam has the spies' mothers do all his housework while he relaxes in his lair and in “Morphing Is Sooo 1987”, Sam forces Clover and Alex to do all the chores by leaving her name off the chart she creates to organize household duties. When asked why her name isn't on it as she lives in the Beach House too and should be helping out, Sam responds by saying, “that is the kind of attitude that got this house messy in the first place” instead of agreeing to share the responsibility. Scam does help repair the LAMOS sub, but only because the repairs are critical. Also, the repairs are machinery focused, something that Scam would enjoy considering his background.
  • Names
    • The only difference between Scam and Sam is the “C”.
    • Sam and Scam rhyme.
  • Samantha tends to, for the majority, fall for or be attracted to men that look like Tim Scam (blue/green eyes, brown hair, tan skin, tall, muscular build). This has been taken as a subconscious hint by some fans of the fact that despite claiming to be over Tim, Sam never really, fully got over him after all as this trend of hers began right after Scam's debut (there was one other man, Ricky Mathis who had these physical characteristics that appeared before Tim Scam but Sam showed no romantic interest in him) and the list includes:
  • Tim Scam was also Sam's first crush shown in the series.
  • Samantha was also the first spy to fall for a villain in the series (Tim Scam).
  • In the episode “The O.P.” Clover describes her ideal, perfect man as the following:
    • Has bluey-green eyes
    • Is strong but gentle
    • Artistic, but with an advanced grasp of natural and applied science
    • Buff but not bulky
    • Likes dogs
    • Name starts with a “T”
    • Except for liking dogs (which we can not know as that much detail was never given on Scam) everything else seems to describe Tim Scam to every detail. What’s interesting is Samantha’s reaction to Clover’s list. While Alex says nothing Sam, while initially gushing at the features of Clover’s ideal man, when she reaches the end of the list (name starts with a “T”) and thus what appears to be, in every way Tim Scam's full description she pauses, looking annoyed and tells Clover she’s being “picky much” as if to dissuade her from finding such a guy. Then when the Love Computer tells Clover that no such man exists, Sam is shown laughing to herself audibly as if pleased with the computer's failure to find Clover this man whereas Alex just smiles lightly.
  • An interesting commonality between Samantha and Tim Scam; both characters end up in groups with similarly embarrassing names. Tim Scam becomes a member of LAMOS (League Aiming to Menace and Overthrow Spies) in Season 4, while in Season 3 Sam becomes a member of DORK (Development for Overly Remedial Kids), a special gym class for “majorly uncoordinated” students after not being able to climb properly in the episode “Power Yoga Much?”.
  • Tim Scam remains to date the only guy both in whom Samantha had a clear romantic interest and for whom she bought a present. In “The New Jerry” she buys him a blue, cashmere sweater from the mall in Paris to which he sends the spies, while pretending to be their new WOOHP guardian Mac Smit.
    • Some more pieces of evidence of Scam's romantic feelings for Samantha are found in the episode “Morphing Is Sooo 1987” during the scene where Clover and Alex ask him, upon seeing him with Sam's clone by his side, where the real Sam is. While Scam tells them that he “doesn't know” and “doesn't care,” where she is; his words appear to contradict him because while he has his Scamlar clones attack Jerry, Clover, and Alex and attempt to kill them; Sam remains locked up safely in her school's science lab. As Scam walked into Jerry's office with the very same Sam clone that locked Samantha in there, it would be very unlikely that Scam truly didn't know that the real Sam was far away from his attempted massacre of Jerry, Clover, and Alex in Jerry's office despite his claim otherwise.
    • Scam is clearly smirking in the background and looking happy when he thinks Samantha has become evil like him in “Evil Jerry”.
    • Scam starkly deviating from his otherwise careless, cocky, and rude personality to be considerate of Samantha's feelings when she reveals that she had a crush on him in "The New Jerry".
    • Scam outright calling Samantha "beautiful" in the Spanish dub of "The New Jerry".
    • In “Morphing Is Sooo 1987” upon studying his invention in her school lab Samantha says “wow” in reaction despite Clover and Alex being right there with her.
    • In "Morphing Is Sooo 1987" when Scam is insulting the spies, Sam reacts differently than Clover and Alexandra and takes his ridicule more personally. While her friends say nothing in response to him and just look annoyed, Sam is shown to gasp twice. Similarly in "Mommies Dearest" Tim Scam reacts mildly to Clover insulting him but is shown to visibly frown and walk away glaring at Samantha calling his plan "so lame".
    • In “Mommies Dearest” when Scam is attacked by her and her friends' mothers after his plan goes wrong, while Alex and Clover cringe at the scene, Samantha closes her eyes and puts her hands over them as if she cannot watch him get hurt.
    • In "The New Jerry" Sam stated several compliments about him calling him cool and smart and saying that he was kind of cute. Her exact words about him were: "Could he be any more money? He's got the brains, he's kind of cute, and his car is the bomb." In the French dub of the same episode she went as far as calling him charming and irresistible, not to mention she admits how she thought of him in a positive manner before finding out he was another "run of the mill terrorist." While generally always being the spy to catch onto things first, she was also last to realize Scam was her enemy. While her friends were starting to grow suspicious, Sam was the one in denial and who was jumping to Scam's defence and saying nothing was off about him. For example after they were almost shredded to death by the Platinum WOOHP credit card he gave them and Mac seemed unaffected by the news, Alexandra asked him if it doesn't even bother him that they were almost killed. Sam immediately makes up a valid excuse for him by saying quote, "Mac is a seasoned agent; he's probably been in so many dangerous situations stuff like this doesn't even phase him." Sam was also the one who decided, after finding Scam's fingerprints on the dynamite in Mac's car, that Tim Scam was trying to kill Mac Smit instead of making the obvious connection that Mac was Tim and he planted the dynamite in order to eliminate her and her friends which is why he loaned them his car for their ride home. Finally when she "broke up" with him, she did so while looking upset and with the words, "I can't believe I thought you were actually cool. You seemed so smart...but now I see you're just another run of the mill terrorist. We are like so over!" Regardless of supposedly being over him she continues to admire his intelligence as shown clearly in some episodes. For example, in "Morphing Is Sooo 1987" upon studying his invention in her school lab she says "wow" in reaction despite Clover and Alex being right there with her. Also in "Mommies Dearest" when Scam is attacked by her and her friends' mothers after his plan goes wrong, while Alex and Clover cringe at the scene, Sam closes her eyes and puts her hands over them as if she cannot watch him get hurt. Scam seems to be the originator of Sam's trend of (for the majority of her crushes) falling for: blue/green eyed, brown haired, tall, muscular, tan skinned; men as this pattern of hers began right after his first appearance (there was one other man, Ricky Mathis who had these physical characteristics that appeared before Tim Scam but Sam showed no romantic interest in him). This has been taken as a subconscious hint by some fans of the fact that despite claiming to be over Scam, Sam never really, fully got over him.
  • Another clue about Scam’s feelings for Sam is present in the fact that ever since Sam revealed her crush on him in “The New Jerry” he was never able to bring himself to kill her with his own hands in any attempt since. “The New Jerry” is the only attempt where he directly attacked her with a weapon to eliminate her (the Evapoblaster, the Turbo Titan 3000 XT car bomb, the Platinum Credit Card, leaving the spies to die in the space station). After this appearance, it seems Sam's words did have some impact on him (it may have beared on his mind when he cooled off from his plan's failure and thought about it) as in every appearance following it, Scam did not behave in the same manner. In “Mommies Dearest” he turns to her mother to get rid of her; a diabolical and evil plan which still aims to show he doesn’t care for Sam if he can transform her mother into an assassin to murder her, but he doesn't want her blood on his actual hands wanting someone else instead to finish her off. Scam’s frustration at his own hesitation to just kill Sam off is hinted when Sam says to him in the same episode, “So your big revenge plan was to get our mothers do your dirty work for you? That is so lame.” In response, Scam turns away from her with a clear frown on his lips, as if deep down he knows this is not like him. Then again in “I Hate The Eighties” he points out to Boogie Gus that he missed Sam with his Eightifier as if he wants him to get rid of Sam for him because he doesn't want to, or can't bring himself to do it on his own. Scam’s failure and hesitation to even try to take Sam down with his own hands is shown often. In “Morphing Is Sooo 1987”, Sam was locked into a closet by one of his clones, the same he walks into WOOHP with to deal with the other spies and Jerry Lewis; it‘s relatively impossible he didn‘t know where she was as only one Sam clone existed, the very same who locked Sam up and then met up with him to go to Jerry‘s office. It would make most sense then for him to just attach explosives to the closet and kill Sam on the spot (like he did to his car in his first appearance with zero hesitation), get it over with right then but instead he leaves her in there while he tries to kill everyone else off. Strangely enough, it didn’t even seem to occur to him that he should just let his Sam clone kill her off. It’s interesting that she just locked Sam up when every other clone he ended up creating (the janitor, Mandy, Arnold Jackson, etc.) attacked as soon as they saw the spies, but not this one. She locked Sam up as if she was told to do so by her creator himself. One could argue Scam didn’t kill Sam off because he wanted to make it look like he was walking into Jerry’s office with the real Sam to anger her friends more, but why couldn’t he kill Sam and do that anyway? Her friends had no idea whatsoever where the real Sam was, he could have easily killed her and still let them believe the clone was her at first glance. Either way we look at it, it makes no sense for him to keep Sam alive except that he couldn’t bring himself to murder her himself. Then again in “Evil Jerry” Scam comes up with a plan to turn the girls “evil.” As the spies were forced to drink the concoction, why did not he just poison them all? Seeing Scam was the one who directly put the milk in the feeders (starting with Sam), he easily could have. One could argue that perhaps it was Terrence Lewis’s orders to make the girls evil instead of just killing them but Scam had been shown while being a “LAMOS member” how he didn’t care much for Terrence being his “boss” nor about being a part of the group, Scam has also been shown to not follow orders and only listen to himself. If he truly wanted Sam out of the way, all he had to do was poison her. But once again, when it comes to killing her with his own hands, he doesn’t do it. Instead he just makes her evil. The most interesting proof is perhaps found in back in “Mommies Dearest”. When Sam attempts to stop him from escaping, he is able to easily kick her off the ladder in a single kick (thus showing he is strong enough to physically fight her aggressively yet never does. Scam never engages in a physical fight in any of his several appearances). Scam is shown to be a very intelligent villain, it is highly unlikely that the thought of just using brute force never occurred to him (especially as he’s known to go “straight for the kill” and to “kill for killing’s sake”) when it comes to his “enemy”. It seems the thought has crossed his mind but he’s chosen to ignore it. Especially when it comes to Sam, whom he’s had plenty of opportunities to personally finish off but has failed to even try on every count. This is especially significant seeing in his first appearance, while he didn't know of Samantha's feelings for him and had not been able to process them, he made 4 lethal, direct attempts to kill her, but after knowing and accepting them, he failed to make even 1 thereafter.


  • It is interesting that despite being arrested so often, Tim Scam is either one of the few villains, if not the only villain, of the series to never have been arrested after being defeated in a physical fight by Clover, Sam, and Alex. In each of his appearances his arrest comes about alternatively. Perhaps this provides evidence for Scam's superior abilities as a villain compared to the other bad guys on the show who are regularly physically defeated by the spies during missions.
  • It is interesting to note that besides Jerry; and Sam, Clover, and Alex in the episode “0067”; Tim Scam is the only other person (villain or agent) in the series to ever run WOOHP as the leader for more than 24 hours. He runs the agency in his debut episode “The New Jerry” for at least 1 day. However unlike the girls who struggle with the task which results in panic at WOOHP until Jerry returns, Scam shows good leadership qualities and has no problem running the place in Jerry's shoes. His leadership stint only falls apart when his real identity as an enemy is revealed at the end of the episode.
  • Scam is the villain who holds the record for WOOHP prison escapes. He is seen breaking out on 5 occasions throughout the series (always shocking the spies when they are forced to catch him repeatedly to keep him in his cell). A particular escape of note is in “Mommies Dearest” where Scam is shown navigating through the prison's sewage system and using it to make his escape.
  • Driving seems to be another one of Scam's skills. In “The New Jerry” while Clover, Alex, and Sam struggle to figure out the Anti-gravity cycle, Scam not only is able to drive it with ease but also shows off some slick maneuvering by making the motorcycle turn over backwards in mid-air while simultaneously shooting at the spies' cycles. It is possible that he was part of the design team.
  • Scam is also a very fast runner. This can be inferred from “Morphing Is Sooo 1987” in the scene where Sam, Clover, and Alex try to follow the man in the judge’s wig (who turns out to be Scam when Sam blows his wig off using the Wind Tunnel 3000 Tornado Blast Hair Dryer), and are only able to catch up to him by using their Jetpack Backpacks to surpass his speed and surround him to stop his escape. In "The New Jerry" he is easily able to outrun Samantha and hit her with the Immobilizing Stun Tan Lotion despite her having a head start. 
  • Scam's criminal record is said by Alex to be longer than Clover's list of ex-boyfriends. (“The New Jerry”)
  • In "The New Jerry" when Sam uses the Scanner Watch to analyze the fingerprints on the dynamite found after the car explosion, Scam's prints are found in the WOOHP system under his real name (Tim Scam). His photograph however is missing. Instead there is a blank silhouette of a mans' face as a placeholder. It is possible that Scam removed his picture before he assumed his alias as Mac Smit in order to cover all his bases.
  • When Jerry's name is used in the episode title, Scam appears as the main antagonist. (“The New Jerry”, “Evil Jerry”)
  • Trench coats seem to be a staple in Scam's wardrobe. In “Morphing Is Sooo 1987” he wears a black one the entire episode and in “Evil Jerry” he sports a brown one.
  • It can be argued that Scam's favorite color is black as he wears it in most of his appearances. In “The New Jerry” and “Mommies Dearest” he dons a black suit despite the tropical heat. In “Morphing Is Sooo 1987” he wears a black polo neck and trench coat. In his Season 4 appearances he is seen in a black sleeveless shirt in the LAMOS submarine.
  • It can be concluded that Scam's height is over 6 feet, he is a head taller than Samantha, Clover, or Alexandra. This is found most notably in the episode “Morphing Is Sooo 1987” when he walks into Jerry's office with Samantha's clone, or when he is being arrested by Clover halfway into the episode.
  • It can be inferred that Scam lost his parents early on in life due to his comment “My prison shrink said my lack of parental guidance is what led to my life of crime,” in “Mommies Dearest”.
  • In “The New Jerry”, Scam owned a Turbo Titan 3000 XT car. It can be inferred that Tim Scam is wealthy by the fact that he blew up his new car simply as part of his attempt to eliminate the spies in “The New Jerry”. Another option is that he stole the car for the objective of assassinating the spies. In “Entrapment”, the Sean Connery character says that he stole the sports car used for the training mission.
  • Scam's appearance was notably altered after Season 2 as his hair was changed from light brown to dark brown, and his eyes were changed from dark brown to a sea-foam color. As Scam looks like the later version in more episodes than the former (“Escape From WOOHP Island”, “Evil Jerry”, “I Hate The Eighties”, “Morphing Is Sooo 1987”, and “The Dream Teens”) it is most likely that this is the way he is supposed to look instead of the way he was shown earlier.
  • Despite his many inventions, “Evil Jerry” is the only episode thus far where Scam is shown working on a project. In the LAMOS sub, he's shown successfully testing out Terrance's evil DNA on a pair of rats.
  • In "Mommies Dearest", Tim Scam says that he built the Mind Control Corsages he used on Stella, Gabriella, and Carmen while he still worked at WOOHP.
  • One storyline driven explanation for the change in Tim Scam's eye colour is that perhaps he had worn brown contact lenses in his first appearance to slightly alter his look and become “Mac Smit” as his hair colour, which was also altered later on, was only slightly darkened and was not a radical change like his eye colour was. He removed the lenses after being in jail after his arrest in “Mommies Dearest” where he could focus on personal attention and grooming before coming up with his next plan as in his next appearance in “Morphing Is Sooo 1987” he also loses his WOOHP employee suit and dresses with his own style which carries over in all the rest of his appearances from then on. Some fans believe he may have also used this interval to workout as his muscles are more obvious due to his attire in season three onwards, however that is impossible to really determine as Scam still appeared muscular while donning the suit.
  • Some fans believe that Tim Scam’s success at always being able to escape WOOHP may be because he played a key role in helping design WOOHP’s security mainframe; or at least had some input in its development, making it easy for him to bypass it. Of course this is just fan conjecture attempting to explain why Scam is able to escape more than any other criminal and is based on his past as a WOOHP agent, but has not been proven or mentioned in the series.
  • Tim Scam seems to be an interesting take on the Mad Scientist trope. Due to his superior intelligence and scientific abilities he qualifies for the title but unlike the common fictional mad scientist that stereotypically appears unkempt being thin, shabby, old and with more often than not, crazy hair, is often heard rambling incoherently and unable to physically fight or fend for himself due to his talents being limited to the sphere of the laboratory; Scam is young, handsome, more than capable of fighting and killing on his own and is completely sane. Because of these differences Tim may be argued to be more of an Evil Genius or Diabolical Mastermind however unlike usual Evil Geniuses that either serve a higher evil overlord or Diabolical Masterminds that sit behind the scenes and have their minions do their dirty work while pulling the strings, Scam takes matters in his own hands and plays an active role in his plans for revenge. He is similar to Geraldine Husk, but the opposite of the Inventor and Terrence Lewis.
  • Up until Season 5, Scam appeared in every season of the show at least once.
  • He is the series' most occurring villain, having appeared a total of 7 times. 
  • In “Mommies Dearest” after their mothers got back to normal and saw Tim Scam, the spies lied to them that he was a tour guide who was showing them around in order to hide his identity.
  • In "Mommies Dearest", upon coming out of her hypnotized state and seeing Tim Scam, Alex's mother Carmen said that he seemed like a “nice, young man” and suggested that he'd be a good match for Alexandra.
  • Scam was the youngest member of LAMOS.
  • Tim Scam is right-handed. This is most obvious in the episode "The New Jerry" where he uses the same hand (right) to distribute gadgets, shoot at the girls with the Immobilizing Stun Tan Lotion, and operate the Evapoblaster and in "Evil Jerry" where he's carrying out his experiment. 
  • In the Season 1 episode "The New Jerry", Scam mentions that Jerry Lewis has been running WOOHP for 35 years.
  • Scam is the only Totally Spies villain to be featured in 3 games based on the show: “Mall Brawl” (online game), “Totally Spies: Fashion Agents” (Facebook game), and “Totally Party” (for the PS2).
  • It is revealed in “Totally Spies: Fashion Agents” (Facebook game) that Tim Scam has a unique collection of ancient clocks.
  • Michael Gough provides the voice of Tim Scam (prior to Alfred Pennyworth on the Burton/Schumacher “Batman” films).