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"Totally Spies! The Movie" (also known as "Totally Spies! Le Film" in France) is a 2009 French animated action comedy film produced by Marathon Media and Studio 37. The film is an adaptation of the "Totally Spies!" series and reveals the origins of the three spies, how they meet and their conscription as members of WOOHP.



Rob Hearthrob is getting ready for his concert. His hair is styled with a blond tuft, but when his cheek mole blinks mysteriously, he suddenly has a blank stare, and walks out of the venue. Meanwhile, the band is on stage and everyone is shocked to find that Rob is not there. As a light beam shines on Rob, he smiles and says "Fabulous" and is lifted up in the air.

Samantha, Alexandra, and Clover starting their new lives in Beverly Hills, California. Sam is stunned to find that the bookstore does not sell books. Clover is rejected by a Haute couture shoe store when she inquires about pair of Yves Mont Blanc boots. Alex is overwhelmed by a high-tech gym. As each of them were about to cross paths outside of a sushi restaurant, nearby secret agents (including Jerry Lewis) purposely cause the giant sushi roll above the entrance to break off and chase after them. The three girls are able to avoid it while saving the life of a pig (whom Alex later adopts and names "Oinky") and destroy the sushi roll before it causes any damage.

After that, the girls introduce themselves to each other and this starts their friendship when they see each other at Beverly Hills High. They meet the principal Scritch, who is not impressed by Sam, thinking she is a grade grubber. They meet the super-popular girl Mandy, who seems friendly at first, but soon tricks them into getting sprayed by a chai vending machine. Clover presents new friends a change of clothes, but they find themselves sucked into a locker and down a chute to one of the offices of WOOHP. They meet Jerry and a WOOHP agent Tad. Jerry reveals that WOOHP had been observing the three of them secretly since childhood, showing videos of each girl, and picking them as prime recruits for the organization. However, the girls are quick to reject the invite. However, they later are conscripted into training after each having traumatic experiences that relate to WOOHP. They go through the rigorous 48 hour training which involves martial arts, surveillance, bomb defusion, and taking down a giant robot.

In the WOOHP Submarine, Jerry briefs the girls on their first mission: People around town have been disappearing, including rock star Rob Hearthrob and animal psychologist Peppy Wolfman. As Jerry introduces the Gadgets to the girls, Clover provides some suggestions as to the design of their Catsuits, and he agrees to go with the color scheme they have used ever since. When they sneak into Wolfman's office, they find camera footage that shows that he left and then came back with a new look. Later, they follow a crowd of people to a store where they are seeking makeovers using the Fabulizer. They report their findings to Jerry and Tad, and must rush back to school by WOOHP Jet. On the way, they are attacked by another person in a fighter jet, and are able to fend him off. At school, they evade Madame Scritch as they sneak back for their trigonometry test.

The next day, the girls discover that the Bev High students have all been Fabulized. Jerry, who is undercover as a cafeteria cook, tells them they all underwent the treatment and that they should track one of the students to see who is behind it. They agree to tail Mandy, but then Madame Scritch arrives and catches Sam for vandalizing the school (Sam had used a Laser Lipstick to cut an escape hole in the wall, but left a strand of her red hair at the scene). That night, they sneak into Mandy's room but she rolls out of bed and starts sleepwalking. As they follow her, they find that the Fabulized people are converging to a mountain crater where they are beamed aboard a space ship. The girls follow and disguise themselves as Fabulized people as they are transported to a strange space station that looks more like a luxury community. They meet the mastermind behind the entire affair, Fabu, a runway model who quickly lost fame in five minutes when he had a wardrobe malfunction during his debut. When Alex makes an outburst, the Spies are captured by Fabu's strongest henchman, Yuri. He then relates his entire plan, to gather his Fabulized people to live in his Fabtopia, and to destroy the Earth. He uses the Fabulizer in reverse to "un-Fabulize" the girls, giving them horrible make overs: Sam's skin turns green, Clover grows a large dark brown unibrow, and Alex gets massive acne. He puts the girls in container rockets to be sent back to Earth. But just as he leaves, Tad arrives, but instead of helping the girls, he aims to stop Fabu himself and take all the credit, so that he can regain his "favorite agent" status with Jerry.

Tad loses his fight with Fabu and is strapped to a missile bound for Earth. Alex frees herself and the other girls just in time. After undo the effects of the Un-Fabulizer, they reach Tad but are unable to stop his missile from launching and heading to Earth. The girls are able to destroy the navigation system for the missile but now it is heading straight for the space station. Jerry arrives just in time in his Spaceplane. They rescue Tad, and then return to the station where they break Fabu's signal beacon in his staff, and evacuate the people before the missile explodes and destroys the station in a firework finale. Using their Jetpack Backpacks they chase Fabu down and catch Fabu in his escape pod.

After the mission, Jerry congratulates the girls. He says that Fabu, Yuri and Tad have been placed in the WOOHP Prison and that everyone who was rescued from Fabu's space station have been restored to normal and their memories of being Fabulized erased. Alex gets a call from Wolfman who invites her to talk about animals and her pig. Clover then gets a call from Rob who heard she is a big fan of his poetry and wants to serenade her over dinner. Sam does not get such a treat, but when she returns to school to face her detention, she is surprised to find the school has a new principal who is not aware of any of her shenanigans, and actually likes Sam and her academic abilities. She wonders where Scritch is (she was transferred to a different school in an icy region where she has to teach in an igloo). The girls get even with Mandy by having her unleash a foam grenade. As they are called to another mission, the girls are quick to bring up personal appointments, but soon find themselves running from a WOOHP jet as it prepares to suck them aboard. But the girls are ready for their mission as they change into their spy uniforms and exclaim their friendship as the movie ends.



  • Yves Mont Blanc references or appearances.
  • The WOOHP 48 hour training includes:
    • Extreme martial arts
    • High-tech weapon and equipment use
    • Super secret surveillance techniques
  • The younger age outfits are seen in:
  • Same parent seen
  • A Milan Stilton look-alike is seen
  • 1 of the animal owners is a look-alike for Vanderfleet.
  • Raymond is seen in the gym Alexandra enters.
  • The bookstore owner is a look-alike for Randolph.
  • The woman who had the poodle in her purse from "The Dusk of Dawn" is seen in front of the gym walking her dog.
  • The bookstores lack of books is a reference to the decline of printing and the closing of many independent bookstores.
  • The jets used during the dogfight reflect the characters nationality.
    • The American jet is similiar to a fifth-generation jet fighter. Stealth and manueverability require an internal bomb bay with limited weapons capacity.
    • The Russian jet uses a forward-swept wing. The Russian air force has shown the majority of the interest in the design.
  • The bookstore owner is a look-a-like for Randolph.
  • The intro music for Rob's concert is "Also sprach Zarathustra" also commonly known as the theme for "2001: A Space Odyssey".
  • When the girls are studying trigonometry on the plane, Sam recalls the Pythagorean Theorem as she writes on the chalkboard. However, the math on the board has no trigonometry, not even a picture of a triangle.
  • During a scene on the plane, when the girls mention defensive driving, Alex states she just got her permit last week. Meanwhile, Mandy was shown driving early on in the episode, implying that she had already gotten her license.
    • California teenage drivers can get a driver's permit as early as age 15.5 after passing the written test. The permit allows the person to take the behind-the-wheel driver's education training. At 16 years old, they can take the driver's license test. That would make Mandy 16 years old which would be very old for the high school freshman year but not if they were sophomores.
    • According to the FAA, a person can get a student pilot's license at age 16 and a recreational pilot's license at age 17 after passing the related tests.
  • The origins of the girls' uniforms is revealed. All three of them each wore yellow jumpsuits before Clover suggested different ideas for the Catsuits. Her rejected ideas included a super hero attire and a sailor uniform similar to the ones used in Sailor Moon.
    • It should be noted that Alex's voice in the film, Katie Griffin, had previously provided the voice of Sailor Mars in the English dub of Sailor Moon.
  • The movie features a scene where Jerry trains the girls by slicing fruit with martial arts. Although the movie was released in July 2009, an unrelated smartphone game called Fruit Ninja would later be released in April 2010. In 2015, MythBusters tested the idea in their "Video Games Special" episode.
  • During the training, the girls' clothes are transformed into yellow motorcycle suits with black stripes resembling Bruce Lee's jumpsuit and that is worn by Uma Thurman's character in Kill Bill.
  • The scene where Fabu is sitting in a chair whose back is facing the audience while looking at a screen and petting a cat on his desk resembles Dr. Claw from the Inspector Gadget cartoon series.
  • Fabu and his frazzled cat being in a space capsule, resembles Dr. Evil and his cat from "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery".
  • The scene where the space ship hovers over a crater while the Fabulized people arrive and step forward to be beamed up resembles the scene in the film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".
  • The girls navigate a room full of mirrors like Bruce Lee's character in "Enter the Dragon".
  • Yuri
    • His name is a reference to Yuri Gagarin.
    • When Yuri talks about how he was recruited by Fabu, the scene flashes back to when he was in Moscow's Red Square doing a space walk (Moonwalk) and wearing a black hat, red jacket, and black pants like Michael Jackson.
  • Tad's transformation into wearing a helmeted suit resembles that of the Power Rangers.
  • Vincent, the WOOHP Paris agent who replaced Tad, is named after the series' creator and executive producer Vincent Chalvon-Demersay.
  • While this can be considered the prequel/"origin story" of "Totally Spies!", there are many continuity problems that arise from using ideas from later seasons of the show.
    • Sam, Clover and Alex meet courtesy of WOOHP, but in the series, the girls have known Mandy since at least middle school, according to a comment Alex made in the third season, and the girls have apparently known each other since at least nursery school, according to a comment Alex made in the second season.
    • The movie reveals that Sam, Clover and Alex were all transfer students to Beverly Hills High. Clover does say, that when she is looking in a store window, she sees boots that they did not have in her old "hood".
    • Although properly named the Compowder, the gadget shown in the movie utilizes the X-powder design and functions. They also use a stylus to scroll through the design choices.
    • Similar to the Compowder, the Jetpack Backpack shown in the movie didn't use the original design from the first two seasons, instead it used the new design that was introduced in Season 3.
    • Jerry's office was sparse and had a pink crash pad until "Physics 101 Much?", when the current design (used in the movie) was introduced.
    • The outdoor shopping center, The Groove, also was not on the show until "The Dream Teens", but is shown in the movie.
    • Mandy's House is next to the Beach House but the orientation of the Beach House is reverse from that in the TV series. The hot tub is on the right whereas in the TV series it is on the left.
  • When Mandy is Fabulized, she is not shown with a second beauty mark. It is assumed that it is placed on top of her existing one.
  • When the unfabulized girls are about to be launched into space, and they call Jerry for help, there is a scene where they are still in their fabulized disguises.
  • A pair of boots designed by Yves Mont Blanc are seen.
  • Like the series, the girls are WOOHPed into the WOOHP office through some sort of slapstick style (in this case, being sucked in through a locker).
  • Even though Sebastian Saga was the villain in the series pilot episode, "A Thing For Musicians", Fabu is technically the girls' first enemy.
  • Mandy's two yes-women, Caitlin and Dominique, appear with Mandy in the movie. Though they play no real part in the story other than being Mandy's friends/lackeys, they are caught with Mandy when Clover gets her revenge towards the ending.
  • This movie also has Clover's heart throbbing out of her chest when she falls in love.
  • The clothes the girls are shown wearing in their youth are pretty much the same ones they wore in "I Hate The Eighties". The only difference is that the color of Alex's pants and shirt are switched.
  • Goof: When Sam is being WOOHPed from her room, she was barefooted, but when she is on the WOOHP Jet, she has her sneakers on.



The movie was released in France on July 22, 2009 in 272 theatres. On October 14, 2009 the movie hit the Netherlands and stayed there for 7 weeks.


The film aired on Disney Channel Asia on February 27, 2010. Prior to the film version, Disney Channel Asia has made two compilation movies of the TV series. They cover the season 3 finale ("Evil Promotion Much?" Part 1-3) and the season 4 finale ("Totally Busted" Part 1-3).

In the United States, it aired on Cartoon Network on April 25, 2010 and aired on Teletoon in Canada soon after. Channel 4 in the UK premiered the movie in 2014.


A DVD of the movie in its original language, French, was released in France on the 3rd of February through Fox Pathe Europa. It topped charts in the French Amazon in the week of its release, and it can currently be purchased there for €14.99. In the Netherlands, the movie was released to DVD on March 10, 2012.

Vendetta Films, a new New Zealander film distributing company, has recently confirmed the release date of the "Totally Spies: The Movie!" DVD. It will be released on April, nothing else has been announced. Vendetta can ship overseas. It was also announced that it will cost $24.99 ZND. Marathon currently has no plans to release it in any North American country other than Mexico.


An official soundtrack was released in France. It includes the song "Walk Like an Egyptian" by the Bangles which was used in the scene where the girls were trying to escape from Scritch. The song that played during the opening sequence when the girls arrive in Beverly Hills and during the closing credits was "Gold Guns Girls" by Metric.

Box office

The film grossed $571,695 on the first weekend, ranked at number #9 at the French box office with the average of $2102 per theater. The gross was $196,514; $89,106; and $29,083 on the second, third and fourth weekend, the total gross was $1,186,742.


The film earned 2011 Kidscreen Awards under Best TV Movie category.


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