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Toying Around is episode 25 of Season 2.



A high-tech toy manufacturer uses military microchips to make his action figure toys more realistic. However, an unintended consequence of his actions is that the toys start to think for themselves and are bent on world domination.

In a B-story, Clover gets a new boy toy who caters to her every whim.



  • During the first few seconds of the episode, when the military's location is shown, the beeping sound is muted out, as well as a portion of the background music.
  • While Seth is technically the villain as he broke into the military base, he later becomes an ally to the girls. In addition, he wanted to create more realistic toys, not engage in crime and his penalty was reduced.
  • The peace group is called the United Countries instead of the United Nations.
  • The cowboy toys resemble those from "Toy Story".
  • Goof: when Jerry first has Seth in cuffs there is a brief moment where Seth has brown hair instead of black hair.