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Tuesday Tate appears in "Model Citizens". Tuesday was a famous model, until one day Tuesday was taming a lion in a photo shoot, but got injured by the lion instead. Tuesday was then forced to have her left leg replaced by a metal, robotic one. After the injury, Tuesday was fired from the modelling agency she worked for. She then built a machine that could create "perfect" models and allow her to dominate the modeling industry for revenge. It would do this by getting one of her servants and a random person with an excellent physique or certain body part that was especially attractive and the machine switched the servants and the persons brilliant body part to each other. However, later all the people who’s body parts were stolen are returned to them and Tuesday’s workers got their own parts back. Tuesday was then sent to WHOOP prison.

Tuesday makes a cameo in "Evil Jerry", as one of the many prisoners attempting to escape the WHOOP Headquarters prison, and she along with the rest of the prisoners were released by Jerry under mind control, but Tuesday and the rest of the prisoners are re-imprisoned after Jerry escapes his mind control.