As a fan of totally Spies, even back in the early 2000 something has always puzzled me since season 3;

If the girls work for WOOHP, how come they never get paychecks? In the episode " computer creepy much"  Alex explain that She's strapped for cash since her parents went on vacation and she doesn't get an allowance. Then in season 5 the girls had to work at the Mail-U cafe in order to pay rent for their Penthouse dorm (until they saved the world once again and got it for free) technically the girls should get paychecks and bonuses for Christmas and or saving the world so why did the writers have the concept of the girls working for a secret spy organization and yet has to get real jobs for their paycheck?


  • Alex would have been better off babysitting than wearing a chicken suit.
  • I agree. Much better.
  • I know what you mean.
  • I think she only took this job because working in a restaurant makes more money then babysitting. I mean remember what she said she wants to buy since her parents cut off.
  • Seems to me Alex didn't manage and spend her money wisely.
  • I need did you see what she wanted to buy? New boots trading cards and candle? What about the essentials like food or clothes?
  • I know what you mean. For it goes to show you have to be smart with your money and food and clothes are a necessity.
  • Especially since something that been bothering me throughout the entire series; the girls worked for woohp, so technically shouldn't they get paid for their jobs? I mean they save the world numerous times and yet I never saw them earning a paycheck.
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