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Helga In Fashion Faux Pas Episode

When I watched the Totally spies episode So not totally spies part 1 Helga sold bracletts that made Sam,Clover and Alex forget that they where spies for woohp (the World Orgonization of Human Protection) later in another scene when Terrance(Jerry's evil idenical twin brother) Helga and Boogie Gus (Gus jr.'s dad) attacked Sam,Clover and Alex in the Planet Sushi restraunt. During the fight Alex grabed a peice of shirmp shushi and threw it at ,Helga .Helga caught it tossed it in the air It landed in her mouth while she was giving her evil laughter, When she relized it was shrimp she Said,"Oh no that was shrimp, how could you I'm allergic to shellfish." as her face got puffy and broke out into hives.
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